Saturday, July 21, 2007

Las Vegas - The New Frontier Closed - Gilleys Farewell

Welcome To Gilley's

Where The Real Cowboys Hang Out

During closing night at The New Frontier, Gilleys remained quiet. It had already had it's final night of action, (at least within The New Frontier - reports are that Gilley's is looking for a new location).

Gilley's was responsible for the four red rocking neon mechanical bulls on the main sign of The New Frontier.

As well, everyone seems to love and remember:

Cold Beer Dirty Girls

the line from the main sign on The Strip which referred to mud wrestling.

Here's looking at Gilley's from closing night of The Frontier.

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Whatever said...

Thanks. We spent many nights at Gilleys. What a great place. Where can you buy a beer for $4 in Vegas now anyway?