Saturday, June 16, 2012

Las Vegas Hakkasan - MGM Grand Construction Of Hakkasan

Construction occurring right now at MGM Grand Las Vegas.  Hakkasan is being built; a five story 75,000 square foot Chinese restaurant, lounge, and nightclub.  The main exterior of MGM Grand is being replaced with this joint.  Studio 54 is being replaced by this project, as well.


Say "thank you MGM."  Say "thank you MGM Grand for changing your front again."

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Gilley's Las Vegas - The Sexy Honky Tonk Continues

Gilley's has the sexiest ads anywhere.  Gilley's Las Vegas used to be at The New Frontier, but since The New Frontier does not exist anymore, it is now at Treasure Island.  You can enter from The Strip, or from inside T.I.

Treasure Island has it going on.  T.I. has sexy female pirates, and cowgirls. 

Gilley's Las Vegas has an incredible following, and well they should.

Check out the website of Gilley's Las Vegas.  It's worth checking out.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Las Vegas Tip #157 Street Traffic At Treasure Island

Las Vegas, Nevada
Looking south on the Treasure Island boardwalk, right after a performance of Sirens of T.I.

Who wants to get caught in street traffic like this?  Not me, and that brings us to...

Las Vegas Tip #157

When attending Sirens of T.I. know which way you are going after the show.  The most crowded departure wave is the one in the photo.  These people are inebriated, hot, tired, and on vacation.  They move as such.

Three options for those who wish to avoid this pedestrian traffic jam are:

1-Go straight in to Treasure Island, the entrance is right there between the two ships.
2-Wait at the rails close to the ships for 7 minutes for the crowd to thin out.
3-Use the pedestrian cross over bridges right there at Spring Mountain Road and Las Vegas Blvd.  Instead of going in the direction of this photograph (south), go in the other direction, toward Stratosphere.  You could be at Fashion Show Mall, Wynn, or Palazzo, in two minutes without this intense of a crowd.

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Castaways Las Vegas - The Implosion

From the archives of RoyVegas; the implosion of Castaways Las Vegas.

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Caesars Palace Walking At Night - Las Vegas Strip

Walking around the front grounds of Caesars Palace on a hot night.  Thanks Evel!
(11 photos) June 2012

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Las Vegas - O'Sheas Demolition - LINQ

O'Sheas Casino demoliton for LINQ Las Vegas.  O'Sheas looks like a haunted house on the side facing Flamingo.  It's a pain walking in that area (always has been) especially since the scaffolding was put up in front of Imperial Palace and the now defunct O'Sheas.

A man with a bullhorn should be hired to stand by the scaffolding admonishing everyone with "less space, keep moving."

Porn Slappers local 702 has reported that they are pleased with their temporary staging area in the gutter between O'Sheas and Margaritaville.  It's safer.  They actually have more room.

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