Thursday, July 26, 2007

Las Vegas - New Frontier Auction Is Today

The (defunct) New Frontier will have a one day only auction, today, Thursday 26 July 2007. The auction is being conducted by Great American Group, starting at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

In addition to the auction on the premises of The New Frontier, it can also be accessed online.

The rear parking lot and entrance is being used for this event.

Wednesday was a preview day. Pastel colored pieces of paper with Lot Numbers were placed on property to be auctioned off, now that The Frontier has closed.

Unlike the auction of The Stardust, there is no advertising of the auction on the Las Vegas Boulevard side of the property. Even at the rear entrance, the sign is obscure, and does not make specific reference to an auction taking place. Also unlike the five day auction of The Stardust , this auction for The New Frontier is one day only. Today is the day.

This, apparently, is the final opportunity to enter The New Frontier property, unless you are part of the demolition crew.


Peggy said...

I was able to attend the auction preview before I had to catch my plane to return home. Couldn't believe the place was already emptied out. Watched the auction on line when I got home and would have loved to obtain some of those things, like the Margarita's sign but didn't have any way to get it out of there. Wish I had known about the auction before I bought my plane tickets. I have stayed there for 30 years and attending the preview was sad but gave me a little closure. Thanks for all the pix you have been posting. I am putting them together to keep. Would love to have a picture of the empty casino but I didn't have my camera with me. If you have any, please post them. Once again, thanks. I love your blog.

SRW said...

I should have, but did not attend the auction (or preview). I am glad that you at least made it to the preview.

There are still more photos I will be posting from various areas of The Frontier. Save away.

There is still a combined Frontier/Silver Slipper parking sign on a fence deep in the lot. With a long zoom it can be seen from the street by the fenced off north entrance. (That will be a post soon.)