Thursday, September 6, 2007

Stardust Las Vegas And The 4 Slice Toaster

I've got current stuff, but part of the joy of this blog is that I am not a dedicated news source. I am a vibe.

This is from the final breakfast buffet at The Stardust, (final for me, as well as the hotel). Tuesday 31 October 2006. The next morning, was the close of The Stardust.

We can see that I had french toast with syrup, bacon, sausage, some kind of potatoes, and white toast. Which leads me to the unique thing about the breakfast buffet at The Stardust. If you wanted toast, you made it yourself in their 4 slice toaster.

If you are into toast as I am, being able to control the toaster is very important. Toast which sits in steam bins awaiting your arrival is not toast. It is something which was toast, and is becoming steamed bread.

I miss that toaster.


Anonymous said...

It is truly the little things that count. But if you're filling up on toast, you're wasting a good buffet.

Roy said...

I just use the toast to push the rice on my chopsticks.