Monday, July 23, 2007

Las Vegas - Frontier - Unknown Area

As I walked around the property of The New Frontier on closing day, I paid attention to a seemingly unused area, not far from the rear entrance.

The area had an outdoor courtyard, which appears to have been once surrounded by a brick wall. Part of that wall seems to have been replaced by cinder blocks. An old fancy metal door exists at one end.

I have posted a photo which shows the location of that metal door (see blue arrow), in relation to the normal rear entrance of The Frontier.

I don't know anything about this area, and once again am putting out the call to anyone who may know what this area was.


San Diego T said...

Hi Roy,

I know what the gate was used for...tee hee!

SRW said...

I won't even try to guess.

Peggy said...

The courtyard was outside what was once the Presidential suite. At one time there was actually a small pool in the courtyard. When I first started staying there 30 years ago, I used to peek over the gate. I may even have a picture of it somewhere. I actually forgot all about that area until seeing your pix.

SRW said...

That is incredible. I am stunned. And I am unable to articulate why. Thank you Peggy.

Peggy said...

My husband reminded me that Johnny Carson and Mohammed Ali stayed in that suite, just to name a couple. Maybe even Howard Hughes? You are welcome for the information. I love your blog.