Sunday, September 2, 2007

Labor Day Traffic On Las Vegas Boulevard

This is Las Vegas Boulevard less than one hour into September 2007. The view is looking north from Tropicana. Traffic in that direction was ridiculous, as you can see by the brakelights.

Tropicana should be a critical Stay Or Bail decision point in any Las Vegas Strip driver's arsenal.

Police have a particularly strong presence on The Strip this weekend. Bicycle police do conduct stops in the middle of the boulevard in traffic like this.

I was thinking earlier of how the area near The MGM Grand is sometimes goonish. Among other things, I trace it back to the change they made with the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana.

The old street level entrance at the corner (walking through the lions head) was an area that gave a more open and busy feel to the location. Now that section is shadowy and has nothing going on. There is a lot to see there, but yet there is nothing going on.

The darkness, lack of anything real, and pedestrian bridge structure, have created an attractive bozo environment by thinly simulating hanging out under an el train structure on an east coast city.

It would be nice to see the MGM change this corner.

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