Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Las Vegas - StripBurger And The Fine Art Of Water Misting

Las Vegas StripBurger has the water misters turned on. It actually looks pretty cool at night, seeing the thin haze of water mist changing colors with the lighting at StripBurger.

The Boardwalk had a nice water misting system in front. I think the Harley Davidson Cafe has water misters. Some vendors at The Hawaiian Marketplace have rigged up fans that blow water mists horizontally, but it's not the same.

Water misting seems to be a luxury done by smaller places. Like StripBurger; a smaller place with attention to detail. Colorful lighting, water misting, atmosphere, a menu with a focus, and attention to details.
StripBurger is located on Las Vegas Boulevard, across from the main gate of Wynn.


L.E. Fant said...

Enough already with Stripburger. We get it. They grind their own meat and sell burgers in a tropical paradise created by wasting water which gives folks bad hair days.

L.E. Fant said...

Ray. I hope that Stripburger at least gave you complimentary fries for your shameless plugs of their burger joint?

Roy said...

I do appreciate that you are an avid reader of my blog.

Thank you.

L.E. Fant said...

Ray. Le.E. Fant does not read your writings--he has his people read them to him.

Roy said...

Message to L.E. Fant follows:

Roy of would like you to know that he was wondering why L.E.Fant refers to himself in the third person. Roy would like you to know that he now understands. [End of message from Roy.]