Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Las Vegas - Frontier Closing Date 7 - 16 - 07

On the sign, the closing date of The New Frontier is 16 July 2007.

Inside, the closing has already begun. The old time cowboy/machines by the front doors have been removed. It's sort of ridiculous that they didn't leave them standing there to close out the place.

I estimate that about 5% of the machines are turned off. Some machines have been removed entirely. In the area somewhat near the main cashier, is a location where the machines have been removed from the structure on which they sit, and the slot table now remains oddly vacant.

Sigma Derby is still going, but who knows if it will ride it out to the very end.

The gift shop is rather empty. There are no more Frontier branded glasses of any sort. T-shirts are gone. The gift shop is not too much more than a soda and cigarette machine being tended by a human cashier.

When The Stardust closed, it was handled in a high class manner. Doing so made sense as the same company that ran The Stardust, was running the follow-up project (Echelon).

The Frontier is different. The place is sold. There is no sense of any sort of continuity. So I guess that they will close it in a similar way to how they ran it in recent years.


Mike Prescott said...

Thanks SO much for the updates, please keep them coming.

I'll be in Vegas starting on the 14th and plan to go to the Frontier closing, but was hoping to play some ceremonial last games (including Sigma Derby), hopefully they'll leave the damn thing there till the last day. I don't really get how removing so many machines this early buys them more than, say, a day of time after it closes...

Sounds like it'll be a class-less exit for one of Vegas' classics.


L.E. Fant said...

Ray, I mentioned some time ago that most don't care (regarding the closing of the Frontier, new or old). Now it is apparent that its owners don't care either.Why do you?

SRW said...

Thank you for your comments Mike. I will be posting regularly on The Frontier, documenting the major as well as minor events and aspects.

I am sure that doing so will cause nearly unbearable stress to my friend l.e.fant.

My thoughts about the early offing of some machines was similar. Maybe they are only removing and turning off the machines with a higher payback.

If they ever were concerned about being highly functional, they would have placed a bills to quarters change machine near Sigma Derby.

EMD said...

I went on lucky 7-7-07 to say goodbye. The Frontier always made me feel like a friend and not like a faceless number like the new BIG casinos do. I feel sorry for all the young people and tourists who think while in Vegas you are treated like crap and it's normal.
I was sad and disgusted at Ruffin for turning off the progressive slots and tightning up the payouts on all the machines. Even the $5's were off. Saw 2 women playing slots win $6,000 and $2,500.
Staff is still up-beat. Will miss the Frontier. Now I have to find a new "old style" Casino to go to.
Any ideas?