Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Falling Down Trashed On Las Vegas Blvd

Here is a Royvegas flashback.  A link to a post of mine from September 2007, entitled Las Vegas - Too Much.

And it's no joke.

A guy was so trashed on Las Vegas Blvd, near the Monte Carlo, that his friends could barely get him upright.  You never know what a person has done or consumed but the booze sometimes flows a little too easily in the various gigantic glasses with cute marketing.

Be aware, the way the booze flows here is either unbelievably stingy and expensive, or way too liberated.

Check out my photos in this post from the past:

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Las Vegas - Silver Saddle Saloon

Another off the beaten path photo from RoyVegas.  Here you can see an advertising banner on the side of the Silver Saddle Saloon in Las Vegas.  This is definitely not a tourist place.  I am not a customer there, but I have not the coin to be a customer of every place that I photograph.

If you would like to know more about the Silver Saddle Saloon in Las Vegas, why not visit their website as advertised?

My house is your house.

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Roberto's Taco Shop - Las Vegas, Nevada

(after clicking photo, hitting F11 will increase size further for clarity)

Las Vegas, Nevada.  Off the beaten tourist path.  Here is a shot of Roberto's Taco Shop on Eastern Avenue.  Roberto's are all over the place.  I am not particularly fond of Roberto's Taco Shop, but a lot of people are.  I am probably too used to Del Taco style tacos.

Nonetheless, I know that  alot of you enjoy seeing shots from various places in Las Vegas, and not just the familiar casinos and tourist places.  So I will continue to make posts like these as well as the more VEGAS posts.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Las Vegas vs Atlantic CIty (part 2)

Las Vegas, Nevada.

Warning:  This is part 2 of a several part post.  Here is a link to part 1.

And now...

Las Vegas vs Atlantic City (part 2) 

So the 4 1/2 hour bus trip is followed by 5 hours of being essentially on foot without a room.  There's no room, it's a day trip.

The Showboat, which was indeed my dropoff casino was located at one end of the Atlantic City strip of casinos.  After walking many casinos away, the rest of the afternoon was a constant consciousness of how knowing what time it was, and relating that to how far I had to walk to get back to the other end of the casino strip, and with it, the majestic Showboat bus terminal.

On one side of the casino strip is a boardwalk and the ocean; on the other side is a decaying neighborhood.  Tourists stay between the boardwalk and the neighborhood.

Funnel cakes.  Apparently funnel cakes are a big thing there.  So is salt water taffy, but funnel cakes are funny.

A lot of birds on the boardwalk.  When food remainders such as a funnel cake fragment or a freshly mowed corn on the cob hit the boardwalk, the birds dive.

The boardwalk is the main way to get to the other casinos.  Rickshaw taxis are available for hire on the boardwalk.  I don't remember how much it was, but I do remember that it seemed way too much.

Something creepy anyway, about using a rickshaw in New Jersey by a rickshaw pilot who looked sort of recovering.  From something.  Major.

Hot women in in bikinis or spandex would get the Atlantic City rickshaw business moving.

It would get something moving anyway.

On the escalator to the buffet, (I think it was the Virginia City Buffet) I was accosted by an old woman who was selling coupons to the buffet which she collected from local papers.  Buy one, get one coupons, that she would sell for 2 dollars.

The buffet was good in the sense that I was hungry.  But all the food was salty, and I wondered if it was a way of deterring people from eating too much.

The slots were not particularly good, although I did drop a single quarter in one machine, and immediately won $50 (fifty dollars).  All the other machines, however, were stingy.

I was not impressed in a good way by the cleanliness of many casino floors, nor was I impressed overall with the bearing and attitude and helpfulness of casino employees.

Not everyone was bad.  But too few were excellent.

Let me look at my watch and see how much longer until I have to get back on the bus at The Showboat.

...To be continued.

Las Vegas Souvenirs, Tee Shirts, Alcohol, Pizza

Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Souvenirs, tee shirts, alcohol, pizza.  What more needs to be said?

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Vegas Chinese Thai Restaurant and an Alley

A look at some of the less looked at places in Las Vegas.  This restaurant and the nearby alley are located diagonally from the Walgreen's at the end of the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada.

No idea if the food is any good.  If you have eaten there, let me know.

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Fremont East District - Abandoned 7 Eleven

The 7 abandoned 7 Eleven at the entrance to the Fremont East District is still unoccupied.  It's available.  The location seems great.  The phone number is right there.  How long until this corner spot is something great?  Or at least something?

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Cash Only Because You Might Die - Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas

The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada notifies you by sign Cash Only Because you might die before the check clears.

The ATM fee, at only 75 cents is cheap.  Some ATMs in some casinos, charge a lot.

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Las Vegas - An Even Sexier Golden Gate Casino Ad

An even sexier Golden Gate Hotel & Casino ad, showing a hot babe on her knees on a craps table.  Other low cut dressed hotties around the craps table.

This is from Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The casino which is directly behind the ad is the Golden Nugget, Las Vegas.

There is an excellent commercial for the Golden Gate on their website.  I think it is the best Las Vegas commercial ever.  Go to their site and check it out.

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Las Vegas - Lady Luck Casino Renovations February 2012

The Lady Luck Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, closed in 2006, I think.  Well work is being done on it now to bring it back to life.

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Cowgirl Party Pit - Bionion's Las Vegas, Nevada

Cowgirl Party Pit.  Bionion's Hotel & Casino, Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Las Vegas Photo - Gold Spike Casino and Lady Luck Casino Closed and Under Renovation

Click on photo for larger image.

Las Vegas, Nevada.  Gold Spike Casino & Hotel, which has been renovated, and the Lady Luck Casino & Hotel.

At present, (February 2012) Lady Luck is closed and has been for some time.  If you can find a clean spot to look through the old casino windows, you will see that the casino floor is empty and gutted.

Lady Luck is being worked on at present to bring it back to life.

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Las Vegas Photo Of Golden Gate Sexy Girls Calendar Ad

Click on image for larger image.
Right click on image for superclear full size image.

Golden Gate Casino on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada has an ad for calendars of The Girls of Golden Gate Casino.  Sexy dealers.

Check out the new thing I put on this blog, the most popular posts are on the top right of this site.  Wow!

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Roy Vegas Is Irritated - Las Vegas

Click on photos for larger image.  Actually, if you want to see the photos really large and clear, a right click and open will present the photo much better than the way I've got blogger set up right now to present images.

The Fremont Street Experience on a February afternoon 2012.

There's a lot of nothing along the roof of that souvenir shop building.  To the right and left of the video screen that wall space ought to be improved.

I'd like to see some classically lettered neon up there.  Maybe.

I got to thinking about it as I was typing this post, and looked at the bottom photo.  The video screen (which says SHOT GLAS)  irritated me.  The Fabulous Las Vegas Jewelry & Gifts sign below it irritated me too.  Then the blank rooftop wall irritated me.  Blankness can be good, but this environment doesn't call for it.

And now I'm irritated.

And now I think what bugs me most is that the small video screen over the larger lettered sign, is an incorrect combination.  Aesthetically incorrect.  Like seeing a fat head with a tiny hat balanced on top.

Nothing against the gift shop, but that video screen has got to be replaced with something larger.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Las Vegas Photos of the Closed Western Hotel and Casino

Click on photo for larger images.

Driving past the closed and shuttered Western Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, I made sure the car doors were locked and took two photographs.

The Western Hotel and Casino (closed) is located at 899 Fremont Street.  In the lower photo you can see Fitzgerald's in the distance.  It's the tall building with the F on top.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Las Vegas vs Atlantic City (part 1)

The first casinos I went to were in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  And then, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas blew Atlantic City away.  My interests are more inclined to seeing the places, and exploring , rather than seriously gambling, so it couldn't have been otherwise.

Now the times that I went to Atlantic City, I was only there for a few hours each time.  That is pretty normal.  I lived on the east coast, and in the local free newspaper there were advertisements for day bus trips to Atlantic City.

The deals were actually good; something like: go to the local stationery store and buy a trip to (for example) The Showboat in Atlantic City.  For 20 dollars  (US $20) you would get a ticket.  Then stand in the same shopping center (a typical local one with a market, bakery (don't see them in Las Vegas) etc.) for the bus.

The casinos in Atlantic City each have their own miniature bus terminals with enough stalls to make clear where a lot of their business comes from.

[original 2012]

Four, or four and a half hours after getting on the bus at the stationery store, (which by the way, made stops at other stationery stores) the bus arrived at The Showboat.  After walking past the slow throngs with walkers, followed by walking past the few stilt walkers (their version of the Walmart greeter), I arrived at a window, handed over a ticket stub, and was given a roll of $20 in quarters; the same amount I had paid for the trip.

Also included were a few other tickets for free things.  Something like a hot dog, small bag of potato chips  and coke at the snack bar.  Totally free.  Not crap like buy a hot dog and get a free small coke; totally free.  And the quarters were not match play, they were quarters that you could keep instead of playing if you so chose.

The entire time there, was a countdown until the return trip which was 5 or 6 hours later.

...To be continued.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Click for larger image.

Las Vegas, Nevada, The Cosmopolitan.
A few slots, and nearby lounge not far from the registration area inside the Cosmopolitan.

Las Vegas - Golden Gate Casino

Click on photo for larger image.

The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino in las Vegas, Nevada, located on the west end of the Fremont Street Experience.
As the Golden Gate now has it's outside bars set up, with modern illuminated signs, I certainly hope that they keep their old neon signs on the building and do not upgrade to something modern.

I love the look of the left most sign in this photo; the one which says Restaurant, Bar, Jackpots.  They should have made their bar signs in the same nostalgic look as the rest of the place.

The tall white building at the back of the photo is the Plaza, which is where Oscar Goodman has his new restaurant, Beef Booze and Broads.

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Las Vegas Nevada - Heart Attack Grill Sexy Window Menu

Click on photo for larger image!

Las Vegas, Nevada, The Heart Attack Grill.  You will definitely want to click to enlarge this photo so that you can read the items on the menu of the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas.
At the top of the photo you can see a reflection of the Fremont East District street sign.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Las Vegas - Fremont Street Zip Line Video - Las Vegas Schools At Fremont Street

Click to watch video.
Original Video by

Las Vegas, Nevada.  Fremont Street Zip Line Attraction.

I was walking down Fremont Street yesterday, and apparently they had something going on with the public schools where students were zip lining and being announced in some kind of ceremony or celebration.

On a stage was a student band playing jazz.  Various education related people were being announced on the stage.

Turn the sound up.  As the zipliners come flying under the Fremont Street Experience, you can here a woman on a microphone announcing the school.

No idea what it was about.  I just happened to be there.

It is somewhat entertaining, maybe, that in Las Vegas, students are engaged in something which is in an area which is more than generally for adults.  Fremont Steet is gambling, booze, and sexy women.

Video is mine, not embedded from someone else.  Hope you enjoy.

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Sexy Las Vegas Ads for the Heart Attack Grill

Click on images for larger image.

The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (down past the end of the Fremont Street Experience.)  Over 350 lbs eats free.  If I weighed over 350, they'd ban me because I would be there everyday.

Is there a person out there at 340 lbs who is trying to gain weight just for a free meal?

Sexy ads for a burger place.

Does Pabst even come in anything other than a can?  I know, I know.  Different kind of can.  A sexy Pabst

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Las Vegas Hangover Breakfast Burger

Click for larger image.

The Hangover Breakfast Burger with Hash Browns (Hash Browns is always capitalized) at Binions on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Miss USA Pageant at Planet Hollywood

Rumors online are that the 2012 Miss USA Pageant will indeed take place at Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, in June.

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An Old Las Vegas Newspaper

I am looking at a 106 year old Las Vegas newspaper.   The Las Vegas Times from 24 February 1906.

It was published every Saturday by James Brown, Editor and Publisher, at a price of .10 for a single copy, or $3.00 for a year.

Perusing through it...

  • There was a one room house for rent on the corner of First and Bridger Street.  No house on that corner now.
  • J.F. Miller Proprietor of Hotel Nevada advertised an American and European plan.
  • Vegas Property Owners Are Making Substantial City Improvements.  -- The improvement was cement sidewalks.
  • The Little Gem Restaurant advertised Meals at All Hours.  Short Orders A Specialty.  Best of Accomodations.  BLOCK 16 NEXT DOOR TO ARIZONA CLUB.  Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Ghost Photographed At Sahara In Las Vegas?

Both of these photos may be clicked on to show a larger version.
The above photo is the original; no enhancement.  It is of the southwest area of the Sahara.  As this photo was taken in February 2012, the Sahara is long since closed at this point.

Below is the same photo after enhancing the lighting of the photo only.
I see two phenomena in the enhanced photo.  They look like ghosts to me.

I have placed two marks on the enhanced photo, A and B.

A-To the right of the letter A I see a ghostly mans head looking out and downward.

B-Above the letter B, in the right most window pane, I see a vertically whispy torso and head of a man, also looking out.

I do not know if this is actually paranormal activity or merely an oddity caused by the photo enhancement.

Las Vegas - A Photo - Some Rambling

Looking north with the back side Riviera sign, followed by Turnberry Towers, the closed defunct Sahara, and finally the Stratosphere.

The former Las Vegas Hilton which has recently been renamed the Las Vegas Hotel, (which one? the Las Vegas Hotel, which Las Vegas hotel?  The Las Vegas Hotel.  Huh?  Oh I know, we'll call it the LVH, catchy huh?) is not visible in this photo but is located on the right, more or less in line with the Riviera sign.

I happen to like the Riviera sign as it is old and nostalgic.  It has letters like an old movie theater.

(I know that someone reading this has just shouted out - it stinks like an old movie theater too.)  That would be classic fivehundy.

Also not in view in this photo, but right there, is the Las Vegas monorail which runs on the right side of this photo until it's terminus at Sahara.

Out of sight.  Out of mind.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Video Of Oscars Beef Booze and Broads Steak House in Las Vegas Nevada

As I perhaps return to the sub mediocre level of performance which I once had on this site I would prefer to have all my posts be my own entirely - but I think that I will liberate myself from that self imposed demand from time to time.

I have recently done a post on Oscar;s Beef Booze and Broads Steak House at the Plaza.  Here is a video of this wonderful new restaurant, (and entrepreneurial adventure by former mayor and classic Las Vegas resident Oscar Goodman) which someone has just recently posted on YouTube.

It is very cool to see the inside of the restaurant on video, as I have not yet dined there.

I remember the location of this restaurant being shown in the movie Pay It Forward.  It was a coffee shop in that movie.  Perhaps it used to be; even though I live here, I have not lived here forever, and there are many places where I have not been.

Here is a cool short video though, and it's not mine, but I hope that you like it.  I did.

Oscars Beef Booze Broads

Oscar's Beef Booze Broads has opened at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They bill themselves as...


The Plaza is located on Main St at the west end of the Fremont St Experience.  (That is the Main Street Station Hotel & Casino which is slightly visible at the bottom right of the photo.)

Here are two links which you might find helpful.

Download Oscar's Menu Here

Visit The Happiest Steakhouse In The Universe

I have not yet had the pleasure of dining at Oscar's, although I look forward to doing so.  The menu is downloadable (only one page).

I'm looking at it right now.  Let me see...

As an appetizer I would like Steak Tartare a la Meyer.  I was thinking of Sal's Shrimp Cocktail, (shrimp cocktail is one of the few seafoods I have enjoyed) but I'll go with Steak instead.

From the Salad category I'd like The Popular Wedge with Carolyn's Russian dressing.

Crazy Phil's Onion Soup sounds good, from the Soups category.

Entree...Joey C's Filet Mignon 12 oz.

Over The Top I'd like both Mixed Sauteed Field Mushrooms and Carmelized Onions.

On The Side I'd like both Ralph's Smashed Potatoes and Steamed Asparagus.

I can't wait to have my first dinner at Oscar's. 

Las Vegas Blvd Photos - From Spring Mountain

Top photo: LVB looking south from Spring Mountain.  Treasure Island (T.I) on the right, The Venetian on the left.

Bottom photo: LVB looking north from Spring Mountain.  Fashion Show Mall on left, Wynn, Encore, on the right.

February 2012 photos.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

First Vegas Burn - Lucky Lady Lucy

Good Morning from the desk of RoyVegas.  It is Saturday 18 February 2012.

Las Vegas will have their sort of version of the burning man on Friday 2 March 2012.

That date is the next First Friday art event.

It is being billed as First Vegas Burn, The Flames Of Change.

At 8:15pm a 20 foot tall Lucky Lady Lucy will burn.  This will happen at the corner of 3rd St. and Colorado Ave.

That is where this picture comes in.  This is the intersection of 3rd and Colorado.  The view is looking generally south to the Stratosphere.

The burning thing, I am guessing, will be done on a vacant lot which is not visible in this photo.  Maybe I'll upload a photo of it later.  It is located directly opposite of this photo's direction, (ie. behind my back).  I would have posted it right here and now but it really has almost nothing of reference in that direction.

The area has small art selling type places, and many of which seemed to be closed on a non First Friday morning.

Beef Booze Broads - Oscar's Restaurant LAs Vegas

Las Vegas Plaza, you know, on Main at  Fremont.
New restaurant: Oscar's Beef * Booze 8 * Broads
The happiest steakhouse in the universe!

And guess what?  It is now open.

Open in Las Vegas can best be interpreted as go.  Most people don't go too often, and many things don't last or stay the same.

I like signs like this.  Like the old movie theaters.

Been a long time since I have posted a real, photo based post such aas this one.  We shall see if I titrate into continuing again.