Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Las Vegas - The Frontier Gift Shop

The gift shop was located logically, between the main entrance and the registration desk. It was open 24 hours a day.

A month before the close they reduced the price on merchandise with the Frontier name on it. Shot glasses were already gone, but they did have nice 12 ounce (or so) glass mugs. They also had odd useless plastic boots, car coffee mugs, and some clothes.

T-shirts which had the Frontier name on it, also all had the Gilleys name on it. You couldn't get a shirt which was purely one or the other.

The last items to go with the Frontier name on it were children sized items.

They also had Christmas items, which had nothing to do with The Frontier, which they were still trying to sell. They finally disappeared on the final day, but I doubt that they were purchased. Then again, who knows?

There were also some heavier and higher priced Frontier items which took a while to sell. Leather jackets, and denim shirts.

Dice and cards sold out 2 or 3 weeks ago.

I kept expecting to see the soda case empty out, but it didn't. Some items were not replenished, such as Red Bull. But regular items such as Pepsi were there until the very end.

Here we see several views of The Frontier gift shop as it was with just 41 minutes before the close of The Frontier. The closing of a shop which was open for 24 hours a day, every day of the year, for many years.

New Years Days, Christmas Days, Valentines Days, personal days which are known but to oneself. This is how it looked, when it finally neared time to close.


barefoot 303 said...

I think it is pretty funny that the ads on your site are for the Frontier and their cheap discounted rooms. They better be no more than free..

Roy said...

When I made posts about the Stardust implosion I saw the same thing happen.