Monday, July 16, 2007

Las Vegas - Farewell Frontier

The closing of The Frontier was covered by various television stations. At the time of the dinner hour news shows The Frontier parking lot still had a fair amount of available spots, although it was fairly busy inside.

Unlike the closing of The Stardust, I do not think that there were any farewell signs at The Frontier (except for the message on the main sign outside). If there were, I will certainly come across it as I go through my photos.

At around 625 p.m. I was hanging out around Sigma Derby when a man began to sing Summer Wind in the closed sports book. He was using a small karaoke machine. The place was so low key that I thought, "they are closing out The Frontier with a sixty dollar karaoke machine in the darkened sports book." After all, they had announced that there would be a Sinatra guy.

Sinatra was followed by a Joe Cocker singer. He's the guy in the close up. I got his name, but I think I got it wrong so I am leaving it out. He used to work in the sports book (of The Frontier) but I suppose that this was the first time he sang there.

The area remained empty at this time. A few people in the book, and no one at the nearby Phil's Deli.

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