Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Las Vegas - Frontier Going Dark

The neon sign atop The Frontier hotel building has gone dark. Other signs, such as the main vertical neon sign which carries the farewell message, are still illuminated and running.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Las Vegas - Modern Relic - Silver Slipper Sign

A sign exists in the fenced off parking lot of The Frontier, which is a modern relic of when The Silver Slipper existed right next to The Frontier.

The sign says:







The Frontier is closed and fenced off, but the sign can still be seen with a good lens (for the immediate moment) from Las Vegas Boulevard, near the north entrance of The Frontier.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Las Vegas - Sand Storm

A wind and sand storm hit the Las Vegas Strip area on Friday 27 July 2007 at about 7:45 PM. It lasted in strength for only a half hour or less, but reduced visibility considerably during that time.

Las Vegas - Trump Name Up

Before your arriving plane even crosses 25R to get to the terminal, you may observe two things.

1-The TRUMP name is up on the south face of his building.

2-Construction of Palazzo seems doomed to continue forever.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Las Vegas - Trump Tower and Ivana - Before And After

Photo 1 (top) shows the site on which Trump Tower in Las Vegas would be built, as it looked on 24 July 2005.

Photo 2 shows the sales office for Ivana's skyscraper project on that same day.

Photo 3 (middle) shows Trump Tower in Las Vegas as it was on 25 July 2007.

Photo 4 shows a closeup of letters atop Trump Tower Las Vegas as it was on 25 July 2007.

Photo 5 (bottom) shows the state of the defunct Ivana sales office as it was on 25 July 2007; the project having been ditched some time ago. The website name has been removed from the building - the website is now just a placeholder.

By the way, for the record, the Ivana sales office is on the site that used to be The Holy Cow.

Las Vegas - Frontier Closing Series - Keyboards - Jerry Reynolds

Let's get something straight from the start of this post...

Jerry Reynolds has played keyboards for The Dry Martini Orchestra since 1999, and was the keyboard player who performed at The New Frontier in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the final night of that longstanding Las Vegas hotel & casino. (15 July 2007)

Closing night at The Frontier was a surprisingly upbeat event. This was largely due to the Dry Martini Orchestra doing an excellent performance; musically and energetically.

Can you imagine the type of energy it took to bring The New Frontier to life?

If you weren't at the closing of The New Frontier, then you won't really know that what I am writing is solid, but what I am saying is that:

The Dry Martini Orchestra did a performance that not only brought that place to life, but did a truly excellent live performance that set and implanted an energetic and happy vibe into everyone in the The New Frontier.

At midnight, it was employees of The New Frontier who told people to cash out, but it was the band who conducted the evening.

In the top photo which I am including with this post, you can see Sinatra tribute style frontman Nick D'Egidio with guest singer Norm Kaye, and further back is Jerry Reynolds at the keyboard. I think this photo portrays a little of the energy and excitement of the evening. All other photos feature Jerry more prominently.

The Dry Martini Orchestra has a CD available at:

(That's not an affiliate link.)

Also you can find The Dry Martini Orchestra at MySpace at:

Lastly, Jerry Reynolds, keyboard player for The Dry Martini Orchestra, can be found at:

Las Vegas - Frontier Closing Night Correction - Jerry Reynolds

On Wednesday 25 July 2007 I made a post [Las Vegas - Frontier Closing Series - Keyboards - Mark Adam Watkins] in which I incorrectly identified the keyboard player of The Dry Martini Orchestra.

The keyboard player who performed at the closing of The Frontier was Jerry Reynolds, a musician who has played with The Dry Martini Orchestra for many years.

I sincerely apologize to Jerry for making this error.

For continuity of comments I will be leaving the incorrect post up for another 24-48 hours and then deleting it. As well, a corrected post will follow this one

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Las Vegas - Stardust Auction Flashback

Today is the auction of The New Frontier (see the post prior to this one for details). As mentioned, there have not been any signs at The New Frontier which advertise that an auction is taking place. You either "know" that The New Frontier is having an auction today, or you do not.

Not advertising the auction of The Frontier, on the property of The Frontier, differs from how the auction of The Stardust, just up the block, was handled less than a year ago.

At The Stardust, various banners and signs were put up which promoted the auction. And it was the very same company which was handling the auction.

Perhaps Great American feels that they have enough salvage type businesses on a list created from those who purchased at The Stardust auction.

Las Vegas - New Frontier Auction Is Today

The (defunct) New Frontier will have a one day only auction, today, Thursday 26 July 2007. The auction is being conducted by Great American Group, starting at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

In addition to the auction on the premises of The New Frontier, it can also be accessed online.

The rear parking lot and entrance is being used for this event.

Wednesday was a preview day. Pastel colored pieces of paper with Lot Numbers were placed on property to be auctioned off, now that The Frontier has closed.

Unlike the auction of The Stardust, there is no advertising of the auction on the Las Vegas Boulevard side of the property. Even at the rear entrance, the sign is obscure, and does not make specific reference to an auction taking place. Also unlike the five day auction of The Stardust , this auction for The New Frontier is one day only. Today is the day.

This, apparently, is the final opportunity to enter The New Frontier property, unless you are part of the demolition crew.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Las Vegas - Project City Center - From The West Side

The familiar view of Project City Center is from Las Vegas Boulevard. Here is a shot of the progress of Project City Center from a few blocks west of The Strip. At this location Harmon is closed for construction access only.
Photo taken Saturday 14 July 2007. No old stuff presented as new here.
Project City Center has a website at:

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Las Vegas - VegasFuel Energy Experience

I saw this energy drink in a convenience store near Sunset Station. VegasFuel.

The can doesn't actually say Las Vegas, but the colors and the image of the dancer in a pose make the point.

They have a website at:

My connection is slow, and I wound up clicking off their site before it got through loading. It was either that, or don't make this post.

Las Vegas - Frontier Closing Series - Drummer Nick Scarmack

Nick Scarmack (drummer) performed with The Dry Martini Orchestra the final night of The New Frontier in Las Vegas, Nevada (Sunday 15 July 2007).

The band played for a while before Nick introduced Sinatra tribute frontman Nick DeGidio. At one point Nick stepped away from the drums for a short while to allow guest drummer Evan Diner to perform with guest singer Norm Kaye.

In addition to the music, Nick had a noticeably upbeat and humorous stage presence which added a good vibe to the atmosphere.

Some info on Nick Scarmack can be found at:

Monday, July 23, 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada - Rain

Late Monday night a drizzle which turned into a thunderstorm temporarily delayed flights at McCarran Airport. Some flights came in on the ILS, but within the hour visibility was much improved.

Streets were particularly slippery, having received very little rain in recent months. The outer (curbside) lanes were often half flooded.

The rain did not seem to cool things off. Walking in the street, it felt like a hot drizzle.

Las Vegas - Frontier - Unknown Area

As I walked around the property of The New Frontier on closing day, I paid attention to a seemingly unused area, not far from the rear entrance.

The area had an outdoor courtyard, which appears to have been once surrounded by a brick wall. Part of that wall seems to have been replaced by cinder blocks. An old fancy metal door exists at one end.

I have posted a photo which shows the location of that metal door (see blue arrow), in relation to the normal rear entrance of The Frontier.

I don't know anything about this area, and once again am putting out the call to anyone who may know what this area was.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Las Vegas - The New Frontier Closed - Arcade Empty

Everyone who entered The New Frontier through the rear parking area walked past the video game arcade. It was along the descending slope of a hallway a little past the bingo area.

To my recollection the video game arcade was always empty. I suppose it was used a little, but I didn't see it.

On closing night, the arcade was really empty, the machines having been removed several days earlier.

Las Vegas - The New Frontier - TV Coverage

A number of television stations came to The New Frontier throughout closing day. Most reported from outside. Fox came inside as well to get various footage, including interviewing some young people. Both accompanying photos are of the same network.

Attractive woman reports from outside. Children interviewed inside.
Any questions?

Las Vegas - The New Frontier Closed - Gilleys Farewell

Welcome To Gilley's

Where The Real Cowboys Hang Out

During closing night at The New Frontier, Gilleys remained quiet. It had already had it's final night of action, (at least within The New Frontier - reports are that Gilley's is looking for a new location).

Gilley's was responsible for the four red rocking neon mechanical bulls on the main sign of The New Frontier.

As well, everyone seems to love and remember:

Cold Beer Dirty Girls

the line from the main sign on The Strip which referred to mud wrestling.

Here's looking at Gilley's from closing night of The Frontier.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The New Frontier Pool On Closing Day

The last round of guests who stayed at The Frontier had to check out by 12 noon on Sunday 15 July 2007. That left 12 odd hours in which no one could answer the question, "where are you staying?" with "here at The Frontier."

Accordingly, the pool itself was taped off with yellow tape.

The pool area could still be walked through, however. This is how The Frontier pool looked during the late afternoon of closing day; not much more than six or seven hours until everyone would be asked to cash out.
Palazzo and Encore, both under construction, can be seen in the distance in some of the photos.