Friday, August 24, 2007

Las Vegas - Answer To What Is This #1

Congratulations to Mike P, winner of the first, and possibly only RoyVegas What Is This Las Vegas photo trivia question. Mike won with his succinct and correct answer "Lady Luck!"

The place has a classic name, and the street level neon was nice. Lady Luck used to run ads in Las Vegas Style magazine which I do not think is around anymore. The ads boasted of their personal service, and how they would even place a newspaper in front of your door (I think they offered USA Today, and maybe the NY Times).

Perhaps those ads did not generate the expected revenue.

In theory though, I do like the idea of a higher level of personal service.


Anonymous said...

Wow Roy, your picture of the lady luck answers the rhetorical question I asked myself two years ago while I was in the lady luck.... "What could possibly be uglier and nastier than this place?"

SRW said...

The inside struck me as much worse than the outside. Therein was the key to enjoying the place. Stay outside.

I remember the inside being very cramped, and the carpet felt as if it was on an uneven concrete floor.

Wait a second. In answer to your question. How about...The Western!