Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Las Vegas - Frontier Closing Sign Is Up

Updated Closing Date?

I will have more detailed posts later, but I wanted to get this out quickly.

The famous main sign at The New Frontier has been updated with a farewell message:


1942 - 2007

CLOSING DATE 7-16-2007

Previously I had listed the 15th as the close of The Frontier. (Specifically it was to be midnight at the end of the 15th that would be the official closing moment.) I spoke with people there and got conflicting information as to what is really going on with the 16th as the closing date.

Inside some things are already being taken away, and some machines are turned off. More to come on the current state of The Frontier in another post later today.

Actually I have a lot to post, including a visit to a 7-11 in Henderson, Nevada, which has temporarily been turned into a Simpsons styled Kwik - E - Mart, to promote a Simpsons movie.


L.E. Fant said...

Ray, please explain. Will the Frontier close at one minute after midnight on the 16th? or will it close at some other time on the 16th? This is very important as I need avoid being anywhere close by at that time. I may not be able to get near Stripburger because of the crowds waiting the demise of this Las Vegas relic.

L.E. Fant said...

Ray, perhaps you can provide us with another 3 or 4 posts regarding the closure of the new and old Frontier. Please inform us on a daily basis as to the current inventory of tired slot machines one may use.