Thursday, September 27, 2007

Frontier Las Vegas - Almost As It Was

This is as fresh as it gets. The Frontier as phoographed yesterday afternoon.

As with many demolitions, the front of The Frontier is being kept as untouched as possible, for as long as possible, while the majority of activity occurs on the backside.

Most visitors to Las Vegas do not venture on Fashion Show Drive, because there is obviously nothing to see there, (and the sidewalks on both sides are noncontinuous at points).

I walked up Fashion Show Drive, and got these, and many more photos of the demolition of The Frontier.

In a little while, when the building is far more gutted and bare than it is right now, it will not be as striking for me to look at The Frontier. When the building is a standing shell, awaiting implosion, it will already be dead.

Right now though, The Frontier is still alive, as it is taken apart. Take a look at the rooms which have had their outer walls removed. One of them still has a television.

The place is real. It is almost as it was.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Las Vegas Strip - Tree Project

Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip) is being renovated south of Russell Road. Palm trees and fake turf are being installed on the segment of median north of the famous "Welcome" sign, to Russell Road (which is the south side of the property of Mandalay Bay).

The median north of Russell was renovated some time ago.
Previously the median was still in tune with older Las Vegas. Rocks, sand, and beer bottles.
Now there will be palm trees, fake grass, and beer bottles.

This area is supposed to get a small parking lot for the sign, but I am still under the impression that construction for that will be south of the sign.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Las Vegas - Frontier Demolition Picks Up And RoyVegas Slows Down

In this substandard photograph the backside of The Frontier is seen with the rear valet structure completely removed, as well as the structure which extended from the building to the valet area.

Also note the glass removed on some lower levels as well as some upper levels.


This blog has slowed down quite a bit in the last week or two. This is a result of my life having become superbusy; not a loss of interest.

It is only a temporary slowdown.


The one year anniversary of the closing of Elvis-A-Rama (on Industrial) is coming up on October 1st. The building is still there. The signs are still there. But Elvis is not.

The one year anniversary of the closing of The Stardust is coming up on November 1st. Echelon Place construction is underway.


Las Vegas has been getting a bit cooler recently. After living in the 100s for a few months, a 70 degree night feels cool.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Las Vegas - Frontier - Rear Demolition

This photo is from the early hours of 12 September 2007. The lower level floors have had their glass removed.

As of right now, the entire rear valet structure is gone completely.

My time is stretched so thinly this week that I do not have a photo of The Frontier with the rear valet structure gone. Of course I will. Just not today.

It is raining in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Las Vegas - Too Much

This isn't funny. Maybe it's sad and ridiculous. Maybe it's a warning.

Recently, on Las Vegas Boulevard in the vicinity of The Monte Carlo, a man was so inebriated that he was largely unable to walk without, and even with, the help of his two friends.

At one point they tried to hail a cab, but the nature of The Strip at busy hour is that the empties are staged on the hotel cab lines.

Several pick up and collapses later they seemed to have gotten a little better at helping their friend along. Even so, I doubt that they were able to make it past all of Project City Center without need for another rest.

As slim as the odds are that the incapacitated man will read this blog post and see himself, those odds are still greater than the odds that he will otherwise remember any of his walk.

I would write a public service type of thing here, but the photos have already written it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Las Vegas - MGM Grand - Man In The Water

A few nights ago I was walking past the LVB & Trop corner of The MGM Grand, and something was obviously going on. A lot of people were looking up. Too many people. Some clapping. I hurried through, and though a few seconds late to the scene, I still managed to get this photo.

A man in boxer shorts had climbed to the top of the lion water display thing.

What this guy did was essentially harmless I suppose, but it also shows that the security at this corner is often not good.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

One Hot Night At Diablo's Cantina


Diablo's Cantina is finally open. At night the place is really hot.

Music playing on both levels. Modern club lighting. Beautiful girls dressed in sexy outfits with boots dance on the upper level (part of the hour) by the glass wall at the Las Vegas Boulevard side.

Everybody was checking the place out. The pictures do not do it justice. They are impressive, but oh man if you are there in person. Whoo! At night, Diablo's is electrifying.

Diablo's Cantina - Las Vegas - The Afternoon Set

Diablo's Cantina is open. In the afternoon, it seemed nice, but not too hot. Pretty girls, but I didn't see quite the level of hotness that I expected. This is the afternoon set of photos. I came back after midnight, and it was quite a difference as will be seen in the after midnight set that will be uploaded shortly.
Design-wise it seems uncomfortable (unprivate ?) to sit on the lower level near the sidewalk railing. I would much rather sit upstairs, especially at night.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Las Vegas - Quick Fix - Stratosphere Helicopter

From the archives of RoyVegas, a Las Vegas Quick-Fix from 9 February 2005, when a helicopter made 4 trips to bring the parts of a ride to the top of The Stratosphere.

Las Vegas - Quick Fix - Frontier Bottle

A shot looking north on The Strip, in front of The Frontier from May 2007 when The Frontier was still open. It is entertaining how the newspaper machines (of one variety or another) are used as tables, as if a cocktail waitress walks Las Vegas Boulevard collecting the empties.

This Las Vegas quick-fix has been brought to you by RoyVegas; blogging about the insignificant since earlier this year. (Taking photos much longer.)

Las Vegas - Diamond Inn Motel

If I was planning a trip to Las Vegas, I would give consideration to staying at The Diamond Inn Motel. Now, I don't know anything about the The Dimond Inn, so I am not in a position to recommend it or not. But I would have to consider it.

[For those who are not familiar with the is located on The Strip, across the street from Mandalay Bay, but a little bit closer to the famous Welcome sign, than Mandalay Bay.]

Here is what I am thinking.

The motels, and other small places are disappearing. The property of The Diamond Inn always seems very clean on the outside, and I do not see riff raff there. It strikes me as a holdover; and who knows how much longer it has?

Certainly the opportunity to stay at Mandalay Bay will outlast the opportunity to stay at The Diamond Inn.

Some of you might not even view staying at such a motel as an opportunity. And I understand. But in a way, staying there would be almost an opportunity to travel back in time in Las Vegas. Probably, soon enough, you will not be able to stay at a motel on The Strip, and then you really will need to travel back in time for the simple experience.

The simple experience of being able to drive your car right up to your room, and park it in front. Five seconds from closing your driver side door, to being inside your room.

The experience of being able to walk to the major places on the south strip, (Luxor, Mandalay, etc), or walk to the convenience store up the block for beverages, and then retreat to your quieter, more personal room.

The experience of having the wind air out your room, when you open the door.

The great experience of waking up in the morning, getting ready, and then walking right out into the sunlight; on Las Vegas Boulevard no less.

The motel experience is a special one. At least it can be, if the place is good.

I certainly do understand that staying at a fantastic hotel is also an incredible experience. I am not placing one over the other.

A lot of people who come to Las Vegas for more than a few days, make plans to stay at several hotels during that time, so that they can try them out. That can be a good idea, if implemented well.

The idea of staying at this motel on the south end of The Strip is invisible. When one thinks of coming to Vegas, the list that is played with contains major places.

I have read a review online which suggests that the Diamond Inn has typical inexpensive motel problems. Flimsy doors, simple television, clean linen but junky room.

If I had ten days in Las Vegas, I would consider spending the first two at The Diamond Inn. If the place isn't good, then hopefully the major hotels on the following eight days would revive me.

This is just a thought I am playing with, (and nobody at The Diamond Inn paid me to plug them). I am nostalgic, and it seems to me that in spite of the likely deficiencies, there might be enough unique nostalgia in the experience of staying at this motel.

As you can see, the others, including The Glass Pool Inn have already disappeared. Only their signs remain.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Las Vegas - Klondike Ruins

On Monday 11 June 2007 I made a post in which I wrote about how Diablo's Cantina would be completed before any significant change occurs at The Klondike (Las Vegas Boulevard location).

To the best of my knowledge, Diablo's Cantina will open in two days, on Saturday 15 September 2007. And as predicted, The Klondike is in a state of ruins, but yet without having been formally demolished.

There are signs which state that The Klondike has been, and still might be, used for police K9 training. If true then that might account for some of the ruins. But it doesn't account for all of it. And it doesn't account for the first building on The Strip, (just past the famous Welcome sign) being a fenced in abandoned building, instead of an active business, or an active construction project.

In one of the photos, it can be seen that a tree, or large section of tree, has fallen across part of the drained pool.

By my definition, The Las Vegas Strip goes from the famous Welcome sign (beginning), to The Stratosphere (end). The Klondike section of The Strip still has remains that are worth checking out. Remnants. Over the next few days, I will make posts on some of this area (in addition to other stuff).

As well, I am still working on a post regarding the defunct Elvis A Rama.

Las Vegas Movie Trivia - Answer

Two days ago, on Tuesday, I posted a movie trivia question. The answer is Leaving Las Vegas.

Although the neon sign had no significance in the story itself, it was shown briefly, at least four times during the opening credits.

If you have seen the movie, you know that the opening credits start a little late. The sign in question was shown for the first time at 17 minutes 35 seconds on the DVD, for 8 seconds. It was shown in brief clips at least another three times in the following minute.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Las Vegas - Circus Circus Christmas Tree

Seasons Greetings from Circus Circus and RoyVegas!

It is still summer, daytime high temperatures are still 104 to 107, but at Circus Circus it is Christmas Time.

This white Christmas tree with large dice on the branches is in the gift shop near the rear Circus Circus entrance (near the registration desk).


Related thought:

The Circus Circus shops do not carry either of the two energy drinks which seem to be the most popular - Monster and Red Bull. (They do carry a few other energy drinks.) What is up with that?

Since Red Bull has become so common to be mixed in drinks, I was wondering if anyone is aware whether or not Red Bull is available at the bars in Circus? Or from room service?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Las Vegas Movie Trivia - Somerset Neon

What movie with a Las Vegas theme, showed this neon sign? In the movie which I am thinking of, the sign was not relevant, it was merely shown during a series of "Las Vegas atmosphere" shots.

As a side note, I will also say that this sign is located not too far from what was the main driveway of The Stardust.

Luxor BillBoard - Clubs Coming In 2007

From the RoyVegas QuickFix department, a billboard advertising clubs opening at The Luxor in 2007.

  • Liquidity

  • Flight

  • LAX (already open)

  • Cathouse

Billboard located on Las Vegas Boulevard across the street from The Sahara, on that spooky empty lot which once was El Rancho Vegas...47 years ago.

Las Vegas - Palazzo And The Gigantic Sidewalk

Location: Las Vegas Boulevard in front of Palazzo (under construction).

Date: Monday 10 September 2007

Blogger Mood: Spacious

What can I really write about this sidewalk? That it is ridiculous? That I saw a guy in a motorized wheelchair incapable of negotiating a change in direction?

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Pioneer Club

I like being able to glimpse into the past. On Fremont Street, The Pioneer Club (souvenir shop) provides one such opportunity.

The Pioneer Club is located diagonally across from Binion's. It used to be a casino and hotel. Now it is only a souvenir shop.

Although the Vegas Vic neon cowboy still lights up, the words PIONEER CLUB which are located near Vegas Vic, but above the roof, no longer light up.

The Pioneer Club Casino opened in 1942, and went through additions, reductions, and name changes through the years. Finally in 1995 The Pioneer Club closed for good; and became a gift shop.

It is interesting to note that The Pioneer Club closed in rather close time to the construction and opening of The Fremont Street Experience.

I haven't the time to fully get into this topic in this post. And I need to check out more details as well. But it appears that there are other remaining items of The Pioneer, which are invisible to those who are not looking.

As well I must wonder if it is not possible that The Pioneer Club will one day live again (whether with the same name or not). This building will not remain a souvenir shop forever.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Stardust Las Vegas And The 4 Slice Toaster

I've got current stuff, but part of the joy of this blog is that I am not a dedicated news source. I am a vibe.

This is from the final breakfast buffet at The Stardust, (final for me, as well as the hotel). Tuesday 31 October 2006. The next morning, was the close of The Stardust.

We can see that I had french toast with syrup, bacon, sausage, some kind of potatoes, and white toast. Which leads me to the unique thing about the breakfast buffet at The Stardust. If you wanted toast, you made it yourself in their 4 slice toaster.

If you are into toast as I am, being able to control the toaster is very important. Toast which sits in steam bins awaiting your arrival is not toast. It is something which was toast, and is becoming steamed bread.

I miss that toaster.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dick's Last Resort - Poster

From the Las Vegas Quick Fix department, a Dick's Last Resort poster photographed from inside Excalibur.

Christina Aguilera At Luxor's LAX NightClub

Christina Aguilera will be hosting an evening at the newly opened LAX NightClub in The Luxor, this Saturday night 8 September 2007.

Many locations, including The Luxor itself, still have advertising material up promoting the opening of LAX with Britney Spears.

It strikes me as sluggish that out of date promotional material is still up on the main Luxor sign.

The video side of the sign (north side) has Christina Aguilera properly represented. There are also paper signs up which are current.

But the main (south face) Luxor sign, and many billboards elsewhere in Las Vegas, are still carrying the old Britney Spears advertising material.

By the way, the club looks hot.

I wonder if someone is screaming "300 million dollars, and I can't get the main sign changed promptly!"

The Luxor has so much unique potential; I really hope that they get on it.