Monday, July 2, 2007

Las Vegas - 108 Degrees At 134 p.m. Pacific Time

It's 108 with brilliant sun at 134 p.m. Monday afternoon. Wednesday is predicted to go up to 116, otherwise known as stupid hot.


A.I. Editor said...

Its burning fire on me soul & insanely hot until I lose control.

I read that Phoenix city's max daily temperature is at 115 degrees.

Then again, a few degrees less in Las Vegas would probably not make much of a difference.

Roy said...

This Wednesday I will attempt to fry an egg on a sidewalk, and will post the experience.

L.E. Fant said...

Ray, if you want to perform a meaningful feat. Take your egg in a pan up the Stratosphere (closer to the heat source)and attempt to fry it. Better still drop eggs to the sidewalk from the top of the Stratosphere--thus creating scrambled egg. I can hardly wait.

L.E. Fant said...

Is it summer already?