Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SLS Update In Several Days

The defunct Sahara hotel casino, being converted to SLS Las Vegas as seen from Paradise.  Several days for a construction update on SLS.

(Photo is current.)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Treasure Island - Let's Replace Sexy With A Mall

Treasure Island, (T.I.) Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada has seen fit to remove their most notorious attraction and replace it with a mall.

That's right, the sexy pirate battle Sirens of T.I. is no more.

As far as the bottom line I have no idea which will yield an extra few beans per year, but removing the pirate battle attraction has in my opinion only served to remove something which was perfectly suited for what it did.

The Sirens of TI was not a child's attraction.  It served well to gain publicity for Treasure Island, and also did well at getting people to enter T.I. at the conclusion of each performance.

As well, Sirens of T.I. set the theme and mood that this was a place for adult couples to come and have fun.

Replacing Sirens of T.I. with a mall is a dumb decision, which can only serve to help the hotel casinos on Fremont Street, by taking away one more reason for people to stay on LVB.