Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Las Vegas - Frontier Auction - Sigma Derby

The New Frontier will have a one day auction on Thursday 26 July 2007. Items to be auctioned off may be inspected on Wednesday 25 July 2007.

Sigma Derby would seem to me to be one of the more sought after collectibles which exist at The Frontier. I have not been successful at finding out if Sigma Derby will be auctioned off. I suppose that Sigma Derby, like everything else, will be auctioned off, although if I was the owner (Ruffin) I would keep it for myself.

For details on The New Frontier auction, go to:

and once there, click on VIEW DETAILS at the selection for The New Frontier Las Vegas Nevada.

They have a brochure to download at the site. I downloaded it, and found it to be a one page advertisement, rather than something more informative and detailed.


Anonymous said...

Oh my fucking god I want a sigma derby machine.

Mike Prescott said...

It would be cool if another casino snatched it up, say one of the downtown joints that's not so concerned about fancyness (El Cortez might be a good fit, or at least wishful thinking on my part!)


SRW said...

OMFG I want one too. Everything about it is cool, including the button setup, the pace, everything.

SRW said...

I had the same thought about another casino buying it; the same wish that would keep it in action. It is an incredible game, similar in a sense, but yet so different from, say, everyone sitting around Wheel Of Fortune.