Thursday, March 28, 2013

Las Vegas - Abandoned Key Largo Casino On Fire Right Now

The old, abandoned, Key Largo Casino in Las Vegas is on fire at present.
Key Largo closed in 2005.  The neon has long been off, the signs gone.

Terribles Hotel & Casino is not far from Key Largo, so for people staying there today, this will be one of their Las Vegas stories.

Key Largo had a small coffee shop which was known for an inexpensive but good, hamburger special. The only occasion I ever went in that restaurant, I was seated promptly but left before ordering as they took too long to take my order.  Probably in excess of 15 minutes.

At a quick enough place it is possible that I would have been getting close to paying the check and leaving in 15 minutes.

That's too bad though because it had a nice coffee shop aroma, and I'm sure that I was hungry.

In all likelihood I went to Ellis Island and got pizza.