Saturday, February 1, 2014

Strikers Picket In Front Of Palace Station Casino, Police Present

Las Vegas, Nevada
Palace Station Casino and Hotel

Saturday morning 1 February 2014

Police on horseback, foot, squad cars, and paddy wagon, are present in front of Palace Station Casino & Hotel as workers of the culinary union and bartenders union are on strike and picketing along Sahara.

The 7-11 on Sahara in front of Palace Station has police vehicles parked in their lot along the fence which separates Palace Station parking from the convenience store.

Inside Palace Station the only possible disruption observed was the absence of a hot dog concession in the sports book.  It is possible that one may not have been scheduled for today, yet past experience has led me to think that a fully packed sports book on a weekend, especially the day before the Superbowl often has the concession stand open.