Monday, July 16, 2007

Las Vegas - Norm Kaye At The Frontier Closing

At 10:37 p.m. with less than two hours to go before The Frontier closed, a Las Vegas music legend was introduced. Norm Kaye.

Norm Kaye was part of The Mary Kaye Trio, which introduced late night lounge acts to Las Vegas, at a time when the action closed early.

The Sinatra front man introduced Norm Kaye, who then sang several songs as the crowd went wild.

As well at this time, a guest drummer played with The Dry Martini Orchestra. I believe his name was Evan Diner (has played with Wayne Newton) though I might be off on the spelling.
On 18 February 2007 I did a post on the loss of Mary Kaye. It can be found at

This series on the closing night of The Frontier will continue.

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