Friday, July 20, 2007

The New Frontier - Shutting Things Down (part 2) [And A Mystery Elevator!]

Some banks of machines were turned off a week or two before the close. Those shown in these photos are just some of those which were turned off and yet left in place; (I suppose to be auctioned off).

This area was near the middle doors, (the doors which were closest to the actual sidewalk of Las Vegas Boulevard). You can see a "mystery elevator" indicated in one of the photos. By the position in the building the elevator could only go down, indicating that it was an employee service elevator. Yet I have never seen the elevator in operation.

If anyone knows anything about this elevator, or has seen it used, please share the information.


Ray said...

The secret elevator actually went up only and only 1 floor. There were several offices here and a storage area for paper work. The offices were used by the Casino Marketing host and reps.

Roy said...

Wow, simple, yet fascinating. Thank you.