Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Frontier Closing - The Sign Is Incorrect

The farewell message on the famous Frontier sign states:

CLOSING DATE 7-16-2007

The 16th is a Monday, and I believe that a reasonable person would take the sign to mean that there would exist at least some moment of time on the 16th during which they could be in The Frontier.

That is not the case.

I have spoken with numerous employees at The Frontier, and have confirmed that The Frontier will close at the end of Sunday the 15th. No guests will be permitted in The Frontier on Monday the 16th at any time. All guests, visitors, etc. are to be out of The Frontier no later than the end of Sunday 15 July 2007.
Additionally, a fence has already been put up around The Frontier. The gates of the fence are open, but the entire place is ready to be locked up. The junky fence which now surrounds The Frontier makes The Frontier look like an internment camp for budget minded tourists and cowboys. Cowgirls?

What is this ridiculous rush to put up a portable fence before the close of business? They are not saving any time. They are just showing an absolute lack of any class whatsoever.

People come to pay their final respects to The Frontier and perhaps take some final pictures, and they find it looks like it is already closed. The ability to take final photos of The Frontier as it was, has passed.

I've got more photos and information about what is going on at The Frontier this final week, and will be posting this info in between sleep and being disturbed by the lawn mower idiots in the morning.

Remember, this Sunday the 15th of July is the final day of The Frontier - NOT the 16th as the sign says.

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