Monday, July 23, 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada - Rain

Late Monday night a drizzle which turned into a thunderstorm temporarily delayed flights at McCarran Airport. Some flights came in on the ILS, but within the hour visibility was much improved.

Streets were particularly slippery, having received very little rain in recent months. The outer (curbside) lanes were often half flooded.

The rain did not seem to cool things off. Walking in the street, it felt like a hot drizzle.


Jo said...

I came to Vegas last year and fell in love with the place, but it rained on our first day there! Perfectly summed up by a young girl looking up to the sky and saying 'What's This?'. If you want rain, look at the UK, we're slowly sinking!

SRW said...

"What's this" is precisely what I thought as I went outside and felt pre-rain humidity. I hope that you had some dry days here as well.

My best wishes for you, and everyone in overcoming the UK flooding crisis.

Everyone here (of at least nominal consciousness) is aware of the recent events in the UK.

I will not be making any further rain in Las Vegas posts, until the last UK citizen has been dried. :)