Saturday, June 30, 2007

Las Vegas - Planet Hollywood - Fully Open Inside


Go across the street and attend the Planet Hollywood completion ceremony.


What are the construction workers at Project City Center going to do, one month after City Center is finished?
In fairness, let me say that what is done at Planet Hollywood looks good, it is just that it seems to be taking forever. Across the street Project City Center is getting pretty large, pretty fast.

But so what. Planet Hollywood is fully open inside.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Las Vegas - Closed On The Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is a 24 hour place.

I would love to know the story behind places such as these, which can close at night. Do they sell that many twinkees in the daytime that they do not need to stay open? And why don't they turn the neon OPEN sign off?

This location is between the MGM Grand and Planet Hollywood. I imagine that it is just being held by the landowner until the inevitable purchase and destruction of some of the last small places on The Strip.

As a related note; probably the most successful business on The Las Vegas Strip which is not open 24 hours is the Trump Sales office. Which leads me to wonder...since The Frontier is closing in 2 weeks, how much longer wil the Trump Sales Office (right next to The Frontier) remain?

Las Vegas - Tabu Ultra Lounge - MGM Grand

Is it just me, or is this a really attractive ad for Tabu Ultra Lounge at the MGM Grand? This ad is on the side of the MGM Grand directly opposite the Brooklyn Bridge at New York New York.
Check out the size of the sign, as compared to the palm trees. Some things in Las Vegas are unexpectedly large, leading people to think they are closer than they really are.

Tabu has a page on the MGM Grand website at:

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Las Vegas - Diablo's Cantina - Artist's Rendition

As the construction of Diablo's Cantina at the Monte Carlo continues, I have become impressed with the details. Diablo's Cantina will be a restaurant with several bars, live entertainment, and areas with an open air design.

The stone wall on the north side is up. The open air design of the second floor, by the stone wall, is going to be an incredible location, especially at night.

Diablo's Cantina is reporting that they will have sultry senoritas, and roaming tequilla vixens.

I will be following up on this Las Vegas restaurant under construction, in greater detail this week.

The official website for Diablo's Cantina is:

Please note: I am aware that some people thought that the official name was Monte Carlo Cantina. The official name is Diablo's Cantina. Monte Carlo Cantina is the project name being used by Penta Building Group. And apparently they are building one of the hotter places on The Strip. I can't wait for Diablo's Cantina to open.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Las Vegas - Purple Reign - Monte Carlo

Prince Tribute band Purple Reign plays at the Monte Carlo on Wednesday nights, and today is go.

They bill themselves as a Prince Tribute Show, and are good enough on stage that they are indeed a show and not just a band.

I used to see Purple Reign at The Boardwalk Hotel Lighthouse Lounge. Their final performance at the Boardwalk was Saturday night 7 January 2006, and ran past midnight into the early hours of Sunday 8 January 2006.

(The Boardwalk has since been closed and imploded. Now Project City Center is being built there, as well as on neighboring land.)

According to the Monte Carlo's sign, Purple Reign plays at 10 p.m. and midnight on Wednesdays at the Monte carlo Pub & Brewery. If you need a reason to go to The Monte Carlo, Purple Reign is a good one. You will not be disappointed.

The parking garage at the Monte Carlo is down, and the replacement is not yet up, so the nearest self parking would be NYNY.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Las Vegas - Umbrellas For The Sun

In Las Vegas, I see umbrellas on clear sunny days, more than on rainy days. Nobody is scared of the rain, but the sun freaks some people out.

We call them sunfreaks.

No we don't.

At the time of this photo today, the temperature was probably 105 and the sky was clear. This is Las Vegas Boulevard, across from the Sahara hotel; (note the Sahara roller coaster track, and NASCAR cafe sign). Beautiful sunny day.

Humidity is almost nonexistent, but you will feel the heat and be blinded by the sun.

Two serious recommendations:

2-Contact lens rewetting drops
(and water too of course)

If you wear contacts, you may find that you need rewetting drops more often than elsewhere, during the hot months in Las Vegas.

Nights are beautiful.

Las Vegas - Frontier Closing - 20 Days Left

The New Frontier in Las Vegas, Nevada will close permanently in 20 days.

Midnight 15 July 2007 is set for the closing of the oddly named New Frontier. There is little left in the way of official branded souvenirs. If you wish to visit, it is suggested that you do so sooner rather than later. As closings approach, specific areas sometimes close early (shops, sections, etc).

The Frontier is a relic, and a walk back in time. In 20 days, its time is up. This is your last chance to visit.

Monday, June 25, 2007

StripBurger Las Vegas Open

StripBurger in Las Vegas is finally open. I have not eaten there yet. The design of the place is nice with lighting that changes color against a stable yellow illumination. Even after midnight, StripBurger was going strong.

An attractive young lady stands outside, apparently as an entrance hostess. Inside, though not large, there are tables as well as a bar.

The location is excellent, across from the main entrance of Wynn. StripBurger is on Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip) on the same block as The Fashion Show Mall. So one might use the mall parking, or until it closes next month, Frontier Parking.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Las Vegas - Planet Hollywood - Perfection Can't Be Rushed

Las Vegas, Nevada. The Strip.

Planet Hollywood. The Construction Site.

I don't remember when it started. I might not care when it is finished. For now though, there is nothing like the incredible feeling I get when walking in the gutter, protected by a plastic traffic barrier, in front of Planet Hollywood.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Las Vegas - EarthCam By MGM Grand

Many people are familiar with the longstanding EarthCam camera which shows views from Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana. It shows changing views from in front of the MGM Grand. The camera turns to show New York New York Hotel across the street. It shows the crowd on the pedestrian crosswalk - the MGM lion, etc.

Here are two shots showing the earthcam camera atop its pole on The Strip.
The building at left is The Tropicana, and the building in the distance at right is Mandalay Bay.

You can visit the camera's live views day and night at:

Las Vegas - The White Stripe

The Las Vegas Boulevard resort district (The Strip) has had an ongoing battle with the slappers whose function is to hand out material which might be of interest to adults. The biggest problem is that they get in the way of the free flow of pedestrian traffic.

Signs have been placed which state that there may be no obstructive uses of a sidewalk in the area of a painted white stripe.

Here we see two slappers, strategically stationed to greet the crowd walking near Planet Hollywood on Las Vegas Boulevard.
The slapper on the left is standing on a white stripe; the very white stripe which is to direct that nobody may stand there.

The issue has gone back and forth, with laws and challenges, etc. I don't know where it stands right now.

Las Vegas Hot And Bright

Las Vegas is hot, and getting hotter. Today, Friday 22 June will probably be at least 111 on The Strip. The ground also gets incredibly hot. Black surfaces such as a tar parking lot, and this gutter, can and do reach 160 (one hundred sixty degrees F).

Another thing the heat does is cause thermal distortion in photographs. Those of you who are photographically inclined, may observe the thermal distortion in this photo of a cab on Las Vegas Boulevard, near Mandalay Bay.

As well, it is very bright out. Drivers in Las Vegas turn their headlights on in daylight in order to be better seen, in the event that they are backlit by the sun.

People seem to get lazy eyed in the sunlight, and tired, so be careful. The Strip is an incredible distraction anyway. Crowds, heat, traffic, bright bright sun; so wear sunglasses and drive deliberately safely. At night too.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Diablo's Cantina Taking Shape - Monte Carlo, Las Vegas

Diablo's Cantina, the restaurant under construction at the south side of The Monte Carlo, is taking shape. The south majestic staircase entrance of The Monte Carlo was taken away for the construction of Diablo's Cantina, which is scheduled for opening in Fall 2007. Some incorrect reports elsewhere had stated that the north majestic staircase had also been removed, but that is not correct.

I don't really have a lot of information on this restaurant right now. It is there being built. I was there taking it's picture. Not much more to say.

Maybe the photo will pick up where I leave off.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

StripBurger Las Vegas - Lit And Soon To Open

StripBurger has it's signs up and lit, and is set to open before the end of June 2007. Hammering has gone on through the nights for a while. Finally it seems that they have reached the end phase, as cleaning and polishing was taking place Tuesday night.

It is nice that the outdoor seating area is slightly elevated. Also the outdoor seating area has a view of The Strip, but is set back just a little. This provides good people watching, while not having the feeling of being in and overpowered by the passing crowd.

Some restaurants on The Strip have outdoor seating which is uncomfortably close to the passing crowd. That is not the case at StripBurger.

StripBurger is located at The Frontier side of The Fashion Show Mall, near the giant fork. By this time next month, The Frontier will be closed, StripBurger will be open, and the fork will remain.

For a look at some of what will be offered at StripBurger, take a look at an earlier post of mine, located at:

Drive Carefully - Come Back Soon

Las Vegas Answer And Question 20 June 2007


Because they are not used to 107 degrees and unbelievably bright sunlight.

(Alternate Answer: Because Planet Hollywood is still unfinished.)



Why do these people look so angry?

[Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip) looking north from the Harley Davidson Cafe, located at Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon.]

Daytime highs are going to up to 109 or more the next few days. Sunlight is brilliant, sunglasses are a must.

MGM Grand Las Vegas - Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani will be performing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday 30 June 2007. Lady Sovereign will be the opening act. This is part of Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape tour, and will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Tickets are priced at $55 $75 and $125

Las Vegas - Truck Flip

A triple trailer flipped Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Sunset Road and Sandhill, in Las Vegas. Actually 2/3 of the triple trailer flipped on it's right side, while the final trailer remained standing. Several large tows were brought in and pulled the trailer back upright.

It might be only coincidence, but I have seen a number of pieces of heavy equipment flipped over here in Las Vegas, and Henderson. I make it a point to avoid driving near such vehicles.

Even cement trucks. I don't know what it is, (maybe it is just the heavy amount of construction going on out here) but I have even seen cement trucks flip on ordinary streets.

By the way, the location of this truck flip (Sunset and Sandhill) is one and a half miles from McCarran Airport. Sunset Road is followed by pilots landing on runway 25L (and R).

Monday, June 18, 2007

New Frontier In Las Vegas Closing - 27 Days Left

The New Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, is set to close at midnight on 15 July 2007.

The only thing good about a midnight closing in this case, is that it will be cooler than the sunlight hours when it may well be 115 degrees F.

Some small signs have already been removed from their outdoor glass cases, along the Las Vegas Boulevard side of The New Frontier. The neon and the major signs are all still going.

The gift shop is selling out. Some items are sold out. Oddly they still have Christmas items for sale at half off. Also at half off are any New Frontier logo'd merchandise. If you see something you want, buy it right then and there.

I am not impressed with the initial concept of the structure that will replace The New Frontier; a structure based on The Plaza Hotel in New York City. I have not seen any details, so my opinion might change.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Echelon Las Vegas - Invited Guests

Echelon Las Vegas

News Media And Invited Guests

Invitation? We don't need...

I predict that my 2800th post will be the opening of Echelon.

Echelon Place Las Vegas

Stardust ends. Echelon Place begins.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Las Vegas Strip Travelodge

The Travelodge located just north of Circus Circus has had a lot of neighboring structures disappear. So for a little while, Travelodge has had signs on their building which say:




Take a look at the photo with the north view. It would be fitting if a sign was hung on one of the new tall buildings nearby:



Thursday, June 14, 2007

Las Vegas - Palazzo - Slappers

There is not enough room for the slappers in front of Palazzo.

Take a look at the gentleman wearing a red shirt and backpack; he is a slapper in full dress uniform, doing his job.

Slappers attempt to hand out advertisements which might be of interest to adults. That does not offend me. But I think that it is ridiculous that slapping is occurring at this particular location. The slapping, and the machines as well here, are an unacceptable obstruction.

It is bad enough that Palazzo has pushed pedestrians to within 3 feet of the gutter. Here we see that the slappers (there is another one there, hidden by the black pickup truck) pushing pedestrians one more foot closer to the gutter barrier.

Las Vegas boulevard between the Venetian/Palazzo junction, and the escalator around the corner is too narrow due to the construction. It gets very crowded with pedestrian traffic going in both directions. Sometimes it comes to a complete stop as someone forgets how to walk.
When Palazzo opens, I suppose that the slappers will not be allowed in front. Right now though, as unsuspecting tourists suddenly find themselves jammed into the hellhole that is the sidewalk in front of Palazzo, they are further obstructed by men in red shirts and backpacks, who extend and retract their arms for a living.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Las Vegas - Palazzo Progress Slowing?

  • Architecturally incorrect.

  • Blocky.

  • Large.

  • Horrifying.

These are just a few of the funnier comments I have heard people make regarding the construction of Palazzo. The place is so huge and completely occupying the land on which it is being built, that the absence of open front space seems to instigate such comments.

Lately it seems to me, that the visible rate of progress has slowed at Palazzo. For a while it seemed to be being built quickly enough that if I didn't drive past for a week, I would be surprised at how much had been done since the last time I had passed.

Of course I have no idea how much work is being done on the inside, so my passing observation is without any substance.

Palazzo Las Vegas says that they will open this year, and I believe them.

Las Vegas - Answer and Question Again

Answer: Two buildings that are almost finished.
Question: What do you see in this picture?
On the left ,The New Frontier is set to close on Sunday 15 July 2007.
On the right, Trump Tower #1 had it's topping off ceremony on Friday 25 May 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The New Frontier Closing 15 July 2007

The New Frontier in Las Vegas, Nevada will close on Sunday 15 July 2007.

Signs are up informing patrons that tokens may be redeemed at The New Frontier up to 15 July 2007. After that redemptions may be made at The Riviera through 10 October 2007.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Las Vegas - Klondike Again (One Lightbulb At A Time)

The Klondike appears to be being razed by two people. One with a hammer and the other a bucket. Light bulbs, are being meticulously removed and then strewn on the ground anywhere. Room doors are are broken as if an angry man punched his fist through the door. (Happy people do not fist doors.)

It is as if the property owner placed an ad in one of those neighborhood garage sale type papers seeking a demolition crew. I don't know what is going on there; but compare it to the unbelievably well planned and executed demolition of The Stardust. Four and one half months from open for business, to completely gutted and imploded.

The Klondike is still unscrewing lightbulbs, (a year after closing).

Unless these two get some help, I expect that the demolition of the Klondike will be completed in 2017. Late 2017.

Diablo's Cantina is still under construction, but making very good progress. It will be completed before any significant change occurs at The Klondike.

StripBurger is still advertising itself as opening this month. Never realized how much effort goes into opening a StripBurger.

The Frontier has about a month left; (which means that you have about a month left to visit The Frontier).

As of a week ago the gift shop was selling out. Frontier branded merchandise was being sold at 50% off. They had a kind of plastic vehicle coffee container for 2 bucks or so (after discount). Also they had a lot of clear plastic Frontier boots. You don't wear them - I think you could put change in them. I don't know. I bought one. It's in the closet.

Dice was going for 75 cents (after discount). These were Frontier branded dice which had been used, and which comes in a plastic container.
A little more north on The Strip...There was a traffic light located on The Strip at the north entrance of The Stardust; (between the sports book side and La Concha). All it really did was stop traffic so that pedestrians could cross. It is actually a rather useful light. As of now it is flashing yellow, with the expectation that drivers are bright and alert enough to stop for pedestrians in the cross walk. That is a dangerous expectation.

I've got to get over to photograph whatever is being constructed where the little white church was, just north of The Riviera. I drove past it but did not stop. I believe that it is to be a condo tower, but I am not sure. In a day or two I will get to it.

Drive carefully. Come back soon.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Las Vegas - Klondike Sign Removed

The Klondike (Las Vegas Boulevard location) has been closed for almost one year. Except for the fence around the property, (and the post close auction) it appears to have sat untouched.

Only in the last few days has there been any noticeable work.
Some of the signs have come down. The boarded up glass doors have been unboarded, as I suppose some gutting is taking place.

I read that The Klondike was originally a Motel 6 in 1962. Then it was sold in 1976 and became The Klondike. If that is true, I find it rather incredible.

Motel 6 owned a property at the beginning of The Strip, right near the famous Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign, and sold it? If they owned the property now, it would be the most visible Motel 6 in the world.

If you look at the front of The Klondike, (where the fence is now) you can see the sandy unkempt front. This, and the neighboring parcels of land might be the only spots left on The Strip which have such a sandy front.

It's nostalgic, and for Las Vegas nostalgia buffs, I recommend walking The Strip between the Welcome sign and The Happi Inn (with your camera). It is only a few blocks, but it does contain some remnants from long gone motels, and a few remaining old style places. One side of the street has abandoned signs and short buildings, the other side has the towering Mandalay Bay.

How fast does The Strip change?

Since The Klondike closed at the end of June 2006...
-The Stardust has closed and been imploded.
-Barbary became Bills
-Aladdin became Planet Hollywood
-Frontier has announced and is nearing it's closing
-The small white church just north of The Riviera has been physically relocated

(List incomplete)

Which of the following do you think will occur first...?

A-Klondike demolition completed

B-Planet Hollywood construction/modification completed

C-Frontier closed for good

Friday, June 8, 2007

Mountain Climbing The Luxor In Las Vegas

As seen yesterday, this is how large ads get placed on the face of The Luxor. There are so many pretty girl ads in Las Vegas, that it seems out of place to see an ad which is more ordinary.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Las Vegas - Don't Do This

As I mentioned a post or two ago, here is the expose on dangerous street running on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The intersection by Treasure Island and The Strip used to be crossed on ground level. You can see in picture #1 how a fence was installed where the curb is sloped, as that used to be a crosswalk. But no more. An escalator pedestrian bridge (off to the right) now provides safe crossing.

Unless of course it is not used.

This group took it upon themselves to run across Spring Mountain Road, at Las Vegas Boulevard, and hop the safety fence, instead of using the pedestrian bridge. At one point they were narrowly missed being struck by a taxi.

The readership of this blog is small enough that I do not wish to lose one potential reader. Please use the bridges where available, and use the proper crosswalks and green lights at all other locations.