Friday, July 6, 2007

Las Vegas - Desolate, Pointless, Creepy

The title of this post is the answer.

Now here is the question...

How would you describe the north entrance to The Frontier.

That was the best I could do today. I am exhausted.
Remember, TheFrontier closes one week from this Sunday or Monday. I'll find out.


L.E. Fant said...

L.E. Fant describes it as being similar to the other entrances. They are all best used as exits as the Frontier is one miserable place.

SRW said...

Maybe the plans to replace it with a Plaza themed hotel will fall through, and a Walgreens will be built there. It seems that everything that stops being what it was becomes a Walgreens.

Maybe a Walgreens themed hotel/casino? Shelves of toothpaste between the slots.

Rob said...

do you have a larger version of this pic by chance? hopefully this comment gets seen. would love to see the original of this, trying to find a reference point to something i have from the frontier casino. thanks!