Thursday, July 12, 2007

Las Vegas - Luxor And The Servile Media

My first impression about The Luxor doing a makeover, and to some degree dropping the Egyptian theme...Come On.

Then again, what do I know? I am Roy the idiot. They are the ones with the giant pyramid, which is not going to have an Egyptian theme.

The traditional news media are all parroting the same line about how Steve Wynn was the first to build a giant hotel in Las Vegas without any identifiable theme. It is brilliant and that is what people want, they say.

I would not be so fast to wax enthusiastic over the brilliance of Steve Wynn. He has also expressed unhappiness with the fountains at Bellagio being designed in such a way that they are free to be seen by people passing by in the street. That is something he hoped to change with Wynn, by making attractions something which one must go inside to see.

Of course the number of people who have become turned on to Las Vegas, Wynn Hotel included, as a result of the visual impact of the fountains of Bellagio is extraordinary.

It is okay for Wynn to be Wynn, and have no identifiable theme. Luxor is a different case.

If they weren't doing that well, it wasn't the theme itself, but the implementation of the theme.

The talking heads, suddenly, as if woken from a long sleep, are all in agreement. No identifiable theme is the way to go. No identifiable theme is what people want now. Steve Wynn did it, and everyone ought to be a follower.

But I notice that none of these talking heads, are doing their reports about how no one wants a themed hotel anymore, from in front of the New York New York hotel.


Michelle said...

I agree the Egypt theme was never properly executed, but I don't think "trendy" is a theme to aim for. After all, today's trendy is yesterday's pop culture.

MGM Mirage will probably just keep moving northward, homogenizing all of their properties on the Strip until one hotel is no different from the other...except for the Cirque show they have. LOL

SRW said...

Trendy, like...The IPOD Hotel & Casino! People will love it. A hotel shaped like an IPOD.

You are right about the MGM direction. Certainly dull and similar is not an attractive theme.
Do you think Steve Wynn has someone read my blog to him?