Friday, July 13, 2007

Las Vegas - Frontier Farewell Crowds

Frontier Report

Shortly after midnight I was at The Frontier, (the very beginning of Friday 13 July 2007) so this information is current as long as you are reading it now.
The status of The Frontier.

#1 Most important piece of information - Someone at The Frontier reads this blog because most of the fence has been taken down. It is still up in some sections, (the rear lot, and next to the Trump sales office. As well there are some construction type barriers around. For the most part though the fence is down, and that ought to help those of you who would like to take photographs these final Frontier days.

#1 Most important piece of information - (The real #1, you didn't think that the fence was really #1).
...SIGMA DERBY is still in operation!!!
Sigma Derby has 10 spots. One is broken and has been for a while. So that is 9 openings, and when I was there they were all full.

The Frontier was crowded. The parking lots were full (both the front and rear lots). I haven't seen that since NASCAR weekend.

The number of women wearing tight blue jeans was noticeably high. I suppose that they were the Gilleys crowd, though they were everywhere.
I don't think I saw too many cowboy hats (which is odd for the times The Frontier is crowded). One old timer dressed in black had a cowboy hat on; a girl had a pink cowgirl hat on. Sort of a clash of trendy and the beast...pop culture...yesterday...something. Ask Michelle who commented yesterday, she understands.

The girl is wearing the hat because she wants to, but the old timer is wearing the hat because he must. Is that it?

The game arcade which had been previously taped off, has been emptied out. And apparently the people who emptied it out drink beer, because there are no video games left, but there are empty beer bottles.

I don't understand how the gift shop continues to have the same number of bottles of pepsi in the cooler. I keep expecting the number to reach zero. They don't really have any gifts left. Unless you want to send someone a 20 ounce pepsi with a jotted note "with love, from The Frontier. Bottoms up."

I heard some people talking in the parking lot about how they hadn't been to The Frontier in 20 years. They were dressed up. Others too.

The excitement, the crescendo of the end of The Frontier was happening.

The place is crowded. The parking lot is full (you may have to park at Wynn across the street - and if you do, please cross at the green).

Sigma is still going.

The spinning thing outside the middle entrance is not spinning anymore.

I will be there on Saturday and Sunday wearing a t-shirt. Just kidding. I'll be there but no such t-shirt.
The end of Sunday is the end of The Frontier.

Bring your camera. They can't stop all of us.

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