Saturday, July 7, 2007

Las Vegas - Diablos Cantina Recent Construction

Diablos Cantina, under construction at the south end of the Monte Carlo has me sold on two points.

1-Sultry Senoritas.

2-Roaming Tequilla Vixens.

You can read the details about Diablos Cantina (which opens this Fall) at:

Here are some shots of the recent construction progress of Diablos Cantina.


Zengrrl said...

Great shots! I was wondering how far along they were with construction.

I heard they plan to open in Sept, but I'm hoping for Labor Day weekend, so I can check it out. ;) I was sold on the tequila list. LOL

Las Vegas Logue

Roy said...

Thank you Michelle. I hadn't even thought of Labor Day weekend, but now that you mention it, I would bet that they are planning to be open by then.