Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Las Vegas - Frontier Closing Before They Are Closed

The Frontier will close at the end of Sunday 15 July 2007 (23:59:59 hours).

The farewell message lists the closing date as being 16 July 2007 (Monday). Channel 3 news at 11p.m. Tuesday stated that The Frontier closes on Saturday.

Every employee of The Frontier I have spoken with has confirmed for me that The Frontier closes with the end of this Sunday 15 July.

I don't know when the machines will be turned off. My guess is that they will be turned off prior to the end of Sunday night. So if you are going, go sooner not later.

Sigma Derby was still in operation Tuesday night 10 July 2007.

Some more ordinary machines have been turned off. Not many, but some.

The video game arcade has been taped off (see photo).

A fence has been erected around the property. The gates on the fence are open, but all that needs to be done is the closing and locking of the gates.

The main gift shop is open, but there is not much left.

The snack bar is still open.

The coffee shop and secondary gift shop (both of which were near the snack bar) are closed.

The antique slots in the cowboys are gone.

When The Stardust closed, it was very impressive. Effort and feeling went into it. [Remember The Stardust closing team t-shirts?]

The atmosphere I feel at The Frontier is cold. The fence going up around the property before the close gives me a feeling that on closing day a burly guard might approach and say "hey punk, we closed" and then begin tossing patrons to the sidewalk.

I'm sorry to be down about it, but I am not the jive pushers who say whatever they are told to on tv.

What kind of feeling am I or anyone supposed to have, when the pre-closing activities being done, could all be done in the five hours following the close, instead of being done the week before the close?


L.E. Fant said...

As you agree that the Frontier owner is not attempting to make its closing a memorable event (other than a rush to get rid of patrons)-why do you continue to provide it with free advertising?
Enough Already--move on.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to get there for the end, but now i'm worried that I won't be able to cash out! Looks like I'll make a Sunday afternoon visit, play the sigma derby, maybe some full pay deuces wild, cash out in quarters and mosey on.

Roy said...

LeFant, the odd actions at The Frontier this final week have made it a more memorable event than it otherwise would have been.

Your free advertising question is silly.

Roy said...

Godard, I played Sigma Derby early this morning (Wednesday). As some (though not too many) machines have already been turned off, I would get to Sigma as early as possible. Assuming that it will still be on, I imagine that it will be very busy.