Thursday, May 31, 2012

Castaways Las Vegas - Gutted Prior To Implosion

From the RoyVegas archives.
Castaways Casino & Hotel gutted prior to implosion.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Las Vegas - Sirens Tie Male Pirate To Ship at T.I.

Sirens of T.I. is a free show in front of Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  There are no seats, just pick a spot to stand, and stand there.

Much like the male pirate who was tied to the ship's mast by the Sirens, after being lured to their ship with a song.

What happens next?
For more about Sirens of T.I. visit Treasure Island

Treasure Island is a highly recommended resort.  Excellent location too.  Fashion Show Mall is right across the street, never even touch the street, use the pedestrian bridge from T.I. to the mall.  Also very close to Palazzo, Venetian, Mirage, etc.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paris Las Vegas - Sweet

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5 Marketing Themes For Sahara SLS Las Vegas That You Wont See

Sahara is closed, and apparently will be redesigned to create SLS Las Vegas, a boutique hotel and casino.  It will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as the absence of income from that property during the time it is closed.  Of course, that assumes the property was positive regarding income, to begin with.

No one likes the long wait for a new place to open in Las Vegas.

To help pass the time, (I hope by now that the intellectuals in the crowd are laughing) I made a list of 5 marketing themes which Sahara's owners could use to keep a section of Sahara open during remodeling.

If this post makes someone at SLS laugh, how about comping me a room when you open the new place so I can review opening night?

1-Super Low Stay
Rooms $25 a night Sunday - Thursday, $27 a night Fri - Sat

2-Seniors Love Sahara - The SLS
All seniors stay free

3-Saharas Last Stand
Unlock the doors.  Anyone can come in and homestead.

4-Stunning Lithuanian Suites
Marketing to the Lithuanian community.

5-Super Loose Slots
Give the people what they want.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Las Vegas Sandwich Canters Delicatessen at TI

Look at this beautiful sandwich from Canter's Delicatessen at Treasure Island.  It's not the best I have had, but it is solid good.

The original Canter's Delicatessen is in Los Angeles on Fairfax.  I remember Johnny Carson talking on The Tonight Show about eatingat Canter's.

If you enter T.I. from the pedestrian ramp leading to T.I. from The Fashion Show Mall, enter T.I. on the 2nd level, take the escalator down, and Canter's is on the right.

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7 Las Vegas Free Attractions and Shows

1-The famous Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign

This sign from 1959 is in the center of Las Vegas Blvd, south of Mandalay Bay by a block or two.  A small parking lot has been made in the center of Las Vegas Blvd at the sign to allow a safe way of getting to the sign.

The parking lot is entered only from the southbound side of Las Vegas Blvd.  Stay in the left lane, slow down when getting close to the sign; (you will be approaching from the back side of the sign which says "Drive Carefully  Come Back Soon)" and observe for the entrance on the left, just as you pass the sign.

Lock your car at the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas sign.  Recently, (2012) the Welcome sign parking lot was on the television news in Las Vegas, as some tourists had valuables stolen from their cars while taking photographs at the sign.  A culprit has been caught, but you full well know that wasn't the only culprit in the world, so lock your car.

Parking is free, although sometimes crowded.  In daylight I would go to the sign in the morning.  By afternoon, it is crowded.

The sign is neon however, so you might wish to visit it in the evening when it is lit up.

You may visit the sign 24 hours a day 7 days a week in person, as well as online.

Welcome To Las Vegas Sign - Live Video From Earthcam

2-Fountains Of Bellagio

(as seen in the accompanying photo)

Bellagio is located on the southwest corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd.  The lake with the fountains is located right out n the open on the Las Vegas Blvd side.

Water music and light shows are free, just walk up and watch.

Showtimes Monday to Friday are every half hour from 3pm to 7pm, every 15 minutes from 7pm to midnight.

Showtimes on Saturdays, Sundays*, and holidays are every half hour from 12 noon to 7pm, every 15 minutes from 7 pm to midnight.

Showtime on Sundays* begins at 11AM, running every 15 minutes, for the Fountains Brunch at Jasmine.

If you like, you can walk up to the front entrance of Bellagio to get a view of the fountains against the background of the Eiffel Tower and Flamingo just across Las Vegas Boulevard.

During high wind, a voice may come on from the Bellagio sound system, letting everyone in the street know that the fountains have been cancelled due to wind.  It does not happen too often.

Fountains Of Bellagio are great anytime, although at night it is enhanced by the lights in the water, as well as the subtle lighting in the areas and walkways of Bellagio.

3-Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Bellagio changes their exhibit regularly, but it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is free.  Just walk in and check it out.

If you are at the end of the lake which allows you to look across at Paris, you are already close enough to the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.  Turn your back to the lake, enter Bellagio right there at the front, walk straight in and follow the signs.  If you do it right, you do NOT have to walk through the casino in order to get to the garden.

4-Mirage Volcano

Mirage volcano erupts once an hour, five times a night.
Volcano eruptions are at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm, and midnight.

The volcano used to erupt much more frequently, but that was before the volcano was rebuilt.

The volcano is located right out in front of Mirage on Las Vegas Blvd.  Mirage is on the same side as Bellagio, but further north.  Caesars Palace is between Bellagio and Mirage.

5-Sirens of T.I.

Treasure Island (T.I.) Hotel & Casino has a small lake in front of the hotel on Las Vegas Blvd.  In that lake are two pirate ships.  Some of the pirates are sexy women..

The pirates and their ships battle and put on an excellent free show.  Just walk up, and watch.  It gets crowded at these performances.  Guests who stay at T.I. may enter a reserved viewing area by showing their hotel key.  Everyone else crowds to get  a good view.

Stand in front of the ship on the left if you want to be closer to the ship of women pirates.

Shows are:  7pm, 830 pm, and 1000 pm,

A 4th show is scheduled as follows:

Fall/Winter 530 pm

Spring/Summer  1130 pm

6-Rio Masquerade In The Sky

Sexy women dancers in hot outfits, dancing on illuminated floats which travel above the slot machines, as the floats travel on tracks hanging from the ceiling of the casino.

Often there is also an element to the show occurring on the floor of the casino as well.  All free to see.

The show may be watched from the casino floor, as well as an upstairs hallway of shops which has a rail on one side at which people line up to see the Masquerade In The Sky from a more eye to eye level.  (This level is also where guests with children go during the show, as children are not allowed on the casino floor).

Rio is not on Las Vegas Blvd, nor is it on Fremont Street.

Rio is located at 3700 W. Flamingo Road; that is about a mile west on Flamingo from Caesars Palace.

I am not sure how accurate the show schedule is, which is listed on Rio's site.  Check it out yourself at:

I would call them to check show times to be sure.

Rio is a sexy place, unfortunately for many, not quite as close to The Strip as they would like.

Rio also has a well reviewed bar (Ghost Bar) and restaurant on the roof of their larger building, (I do not think you can go up for free, but I am not sure.)  Nonetheless if you intend on going to Rio, you may wish to time it so that you can see the Masquerade In The Sky (for free) as well as hanging out at Ghost Bar on the roof (not free) at the same time.

7-Fremont Street Experience

A giant overhead video screen running for many blocks, all the way from Golden Gate Casino to D (formerly Fitzgerald's).

This is cool.  This is free.  And it happens in a large enough area that you can walk all around Fremont Street and check out the show from anywhere you like on Fremont Street between Main and Las Vegas Blvd.

Viva Vision is what it is called on the official website, and they do post what shows are playing at what time.

Roughly the shows start at 8pm, and are every hour on the hour until either midnight or 1am.

Check out the schedule on their website - click the blue viva vision tab to see the shows schedule.

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Today Is The Last Monday Of May

Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Taken from 1st and Fremont, looking west on Fremont.
Golden Gate on the left.  Las Vegas Club (which at present may not have any restaurant) on the right.  Rather dark in this photo, straight ahead is Plaza; (home of Oscar's Beef Booze and Broads restaurant.)
This photo is from December 2004.
For a good map of Fremont Street Experience and area, may I suggest:

[edited - The above linked map is good and clear and easy, however for the moment...Fitzgerald's is now D Las Vegas, and Neonopolis is where Heart Attack Grill is located.  Royvegas, edited after initial posting]

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Rainbow Strikes THEhotel Las Vegas Nevada

THEhotel at Mandalay Bay.
This shot is a few years old, but I don't think I ever posted it.  I was in an industrial park not too far from the south end of the Las Vegas Strip.  There was a short rain that was strong for 5 minutes, and weakened out over 15 more.  Then the sky turned orange, and a rainbow struck THEhotel.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

7 Las Vegas Tips For First Trip

1-Top of Stratosphere - If you intend on visiting the top of Stratosphere keep these things in mind.  Consider going at such a time in the afternoon or early evening that you can see and photograph under both daylight conditions, as well as through sunset, and into night when everything is lit.  Keep in mind that it may not be quick to get to the top.  Sometimes there is a line to get tickets, as well as to get on the elevator.  I think that their touristy elevator operators call them stratovators.  Just get me to the top.  Also there is sometimes a line to get on the elevator from the top to go down.  Last time I was there, Stratosphere offered a cut to the front of the line ticket for something like $10.

2-Availability of attractions  - Not all attractions are available at all times.  Especially in December, some things may be out of service for maintenance.  Things such as Sirens Of T.I. at Treasure Island.  They sometimes drain the water and service the ship track.  When that happens, there is no show.  Moving ramps may be out of service.  The fountains at Bellagio do not dance if the wind is too high; same with Sirens Of T.I.  In such unexpected cases, the cancellation will be announced over the public address system at the attraction.

3-Cabs - As a general rule, it is not advised to tell a cab driver that it is your first time in any city.  You should know where you are going, and Las Vegas is simple enough that a one page map printed from your computer, ought to be enough to keep you familiarized.  If you intend on going anywhere out of the ordinary such as Henderson or a private address, you really should have the directions.  Also, if you do not let go of your camera and phone in the cab, then you will not lose them in the cab.

4-New York New York, Venetian, Paris - All three I classify as must see for the excellent realism and detail, both outside as well as inside.  The New York New York food area has smaller scale streets and stores.  A brownstone building with a no menus sign (just like NYC).  Must see.

5-Riviera and Circus Circus - Both are old.  Riviera opened 20 April 1955.  Circus Circus opened 18 October 1968.  You should visit both because they might not exist the next time you visit Las Vegas.  
Tropicana is old too, but has recently had money spent on it.  Then again you never know.  Sometimes a 20 minute walk through is enough to have been there and seen it without chance for regret.

6-Arcade style video games - such as Space Invaders, Asteroids.  You might want to visit Insert Coins on Fremont Street.  Even though it is a bar, it is not open 24 hours.  Check it out at

7-Sigma Derby - It is a fantastic electromechanical horse racing game that takes quarters.  There is one in the MGM Grand Casino, and D Las Vegas is supposed to get one for the upstairs portion of their casino (on Fremont Street) if they have not gotten it yet.  The New Frontier had a Sigma Derby machine, and locations considered, it was the best place for Sigma Derby.  The New Frontier does not exist anymore but you can check it out at in these two posts:

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Las Vegas - Elvis Got Pills Here - Now Its Gonna Be A Mini Mart - White Cross Drugs - White Cross Market

Las Vegas, Nevada
White Cross Drugs
1700 Las Vegas Boulevard South
(corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Oakey)

White Cross Drugs closed for good at the end of March 2012.  Tiffany's Cafe, the lunch counter located in the same building was actually a separate business, and at present remains open.

One can no longer walk from the lunch counter to the former drug store area, as it is gated off.

The floor space of former White Cross Drugs has been cleared and cleaned.  It is, as they say, "retail space."

The retail space formerly known as White Cross Drugs will become White Cross Market this summer.  It will be a mini mart/liquor store.

As a mini mart/liquor store it can succeed.

I read an article which suggested that White Cross Market may be more of a mini regular food market than a booze, smokes, and ready food, mini mart.  Myers Market used to be open right next to White Cross Drugs.  It appears to be the same building, with a firewall between them.

Myers Market has been closed for years, without a new occupant.  If you visit closed White Cross Drugs (or still open 24 hours a day Tiffany's Cafe) you can to this day see the signs on closed Myers Market.  So I am not confident that a more comprehensive food store would succeed there.

Nevada Public Radio KNPR has on their website an audio interview with Marcie Davis, the former owner of White Cross Drugs.  It is interesting and just under 15 minutes.

A 2007 movie called Lucky You had some scenes filmed in White Cross Drugs.

I found this on YouTube.  Here I am embedding from YouTube the promotional trailer from that movie.  Indeed you will see a few clips from inside Tiffany's Cafe and White Cross Drugs.

Lucky You looks interesting for the Las Vegas genre.  I hope redbox has it because I'm afraid that a DVD from Amazon would warp in the heat of my mailbox.

I have covered White Cross Drugs on this blog 3 times in the past.  My first post advised people to visit while they still could.  That was in 2007.  As well in that post you can see Myers Market, closed even at that time.  It is the brown building right next to White Cross Drugs.

My other two posts were around the closing of White Cross Drugs.

I wish good fortune to White Cross Market and Tiffany's Cafe, and as well to all of you.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Las Vegas Hotels Need Color Like Stardust Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada
Stardust Hotel & Casino (defunct)
Was located at 3000 Las Vegas Blvd South Las Vegas, NV
Opened 2 July 1958
Closed 1 November 2006
Imploded 13 March 2007

Stardust had a great look outside.  Too many newer places on The Strip don't make use of color.  Monte Carlo, Venetian, Palazzo, get some color!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Las Vegas 700 Million Dollar Sweet Dreams

Stardust Hotel & Casino on Las Vegas Blvd was closed and imploded to make way for Echelon, a casino with multiple hotels.   That site is a halted construction project.  A few partially built skeletons of buildings are there.

Some people complain about the site being an eyesore.  Really though it's no more of an eyesore than Wynn or Walgreens.

There was also a large residential complex on the southwest side of Stardust.  It was closed and knocked down, along with Stardust to make way for Echelon.  Residents moved.  Employees transferred or laid off I suppose.

Too bad it wasn't foreseen that construction would be halted indefinitely.  Could have kept Stardust and the apartments open another 10 years, perhaps longer.
A block north of Stardust/Echelon is another halted construction site on Las Vegas Blvd.  Fontainebleau.  The Algiers used to be there, along with a beautiful little white church.

Now that site is a 68 story, topped off but not completed, monstrosity.  Too big, not set back in a pleasing manner.  Maybe if it had been made as a 28 story building, it would be open for business right now.
Just north of Fontainebleau, also on Las Vegas Blvd,  is Sahara Hotel & Casino.  Sahara opened in 1952, and closed in 2011.

It may open again in a few years as an ultracool hotel & casino, after 700 million dollars or some such large amount is spent on fixing the place up.
Going the other way on Las Vegas Blvd, a block south of Stardust/Echelon, used to be the New Frontier Hotel & Casino.  It has been imploded to make way for something fantastic.  I think that it was going to be a hotel & casino themed after the Plaza in New York.  Right now it's nothing.
On Las Vegas Blvd across from Mandalay Bay a junky motel called Happi Inn was closed and knocked down.  A giant ferris wheel, Skyvue, is being built there.  Many have doubts that this project will be completed.  Thats okay, another ferris wheel is being built in the vicinity of Imperial Palace at Linq.
A few blocks south of Happi Inn/Skyvue on Las Vegas Blvd near the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas sign, there used to be a junkie motel and casino called Klondike.  It has been gone a few years.  Bulldozed away.  Nothing has replaced it even though the land is on Las Vegas Blvd right near the world famous Welcome sign.
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Canadians Visiting Las Vegas Exchange Currency At Golden Gate Casino

Hellooooo Canada!
Golden Gate Casino & Hotel will exchange your Canadian currency, and I believe give you some sort of bonus as well.  Check it out on their website

That is not an affiliate link, but it was difficult to find on their website, so do bookmark it.

Some places charge in order to exchange money, so if Golden Gate is exchanging your money for free and giving you a bonus as well, then that seems to be the place; and it is a fine place anyway.  An old but modern, hip and sexy place located at the Main Street end of Fremont Street.

It makes full sense from a marketing point.  If you know that Golden Gate will exchange Canadian currency, then Canadians may well go to Golden Gate Casino first on arriving in Las Vegas.  Maybe Canadians will decide to stay  at Golden Gate since they are Canadian friendly.

Golden Gate also has an excellent website.  Casino websites are not usually particularly interesting.  They exist to get the job done, but they are not Las Vegas fan type sites.  Golden Gate Casino & Hotel has a website which is probably the best of all the Las Vegas casinos & hotels.

On their main page they have a very well done and interesting movie done to a nostalgic Las Vegas theme.  It promotes Golden Gate Casino & Hotel in a fantastic light.

Here is a link to the main page of Golden Gates website, this is where you can see the old style Las Vegas movie for Golden Gate:  They ask the question, "Wonder what Las Vegas was like in the roaring 20's?"  And the Golden Gate Las Vegas short movie takes it from there.

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Thank you Canada.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sexy Las Vegas Guess Ad - Very Sexy Blonde With Cool Dude - Guess Who

Las Vegas, Nevada
From the RoyVegas archives (Autumn 2004) comes this photo of a Guess clothing ad.  A very hot blonde wearing a shirt with VEGAS repeated on it, and a cool dude with her.
Guess.  Guess who?

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Echelon Construction Las Vegas - What Is The Problem?

Stardust Hotel & Casino closed for good on 1 November 2006.  A few months later Stardust was imploded, the property was cleaned of the razed remains, and construction began on Echelon Place.

Then in 2008 construction of Echelon Place was suspended.  [Apparently, indefinitely suspended.]
Boyd Gaming has stated that their reason for suspending the construction of Echelon is the national economic difficulties.

The website of Boyd Gaming says that construction will resume in 3 to 5 years.  But that is not a dated item.  3 to 5 years from when?  I don't like intentional vagueness.  Too much like those late night infomercials; you have to call in the next 2 and a half minutes to place your order.  Yeah right.

Does Boyd not have the ability to finish the project?

At the end of the implosion of the Stardust, the lights went dark too soon.  Other Las Vegas bloggers I spoke with, all concluded, as did I, that the early darkness was an error.  The fireworks and implosion up to that point, the final point, had been flawless and fantastic..

In 1931 the United States was in the Great Depression.  Even so, construction of Rockefeller Center began that year.  It was completed without interruption during a horrible economic period.

Recently, I have read and heard the pithy question of what to do about Echelon?

The answer is easy, but the courage isn't.

Finish the project.  Resume construction now, and finish it.

By the way,the name sucks.  The famous Stardust sign should have been left in place, and the name of the new site ought to have been kept as Stardust, even though it would defy the ordinary way of doing things.


Thank goodness they didn't handle the construction at Giza.

Imperial Palace To Become HorseShoe - Las Vegas Word On The Strip

Word on the Strip is that Imperial Palace will soon become HorseShoe.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Balcony Door Fell Off At Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, Nevada

This happened to me a while ago. back when the Cosmopolitan was still very new.

I spent the night at Cosmo - an odd cold and rainy night.  Very windy.  Clouds below the rooftops of Cosmo and City Center.

A few hours after midnight, I went to slide the balcony door, and the freeness of motion became stiff.  After a brief struggle, I was standing in my white Cosmo bathrobe, on the balcony, wind and rain blowing; and frightened that I would flip over the balcony from the weight of the sliding door which had come off the track.

I managed to prop it and get inside to safety.

In the photo, you see the balcony door off track and leaning against the balcony wall.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello Middlesbrough, England, UK From Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Your bloody website hasn't approved me yet to respond.
Regarding the post which referenced the Stage Door Casino

The place is still open, as the sign indicated it would still be.  The Stage Door is 5 minutes walking distance to the intersection of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd which is a very busy part of the Strip.

Don't spend all your money on booze.  But since you are interested in that direction, may I suggest the website which is run by not me.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Las Vegas Nevada Outside O'Sheas Casino On Las Vegas Blvd After O'Sheas Casino Closed
Las Vegas, Nevada
O'Sheas Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard
Street footage on Las Vegas Blvd in front of O'Sheas Casino on Monday 30 April 2012 very shortly after O'Sheas casino closed at 12 noon.  People were still exiting the casino at this time. Original RoyVegas footage.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

O'Sheas Casino - Looking Out Toward Caesars Palace At Closing Hour - Las Vegas, Nevada

Photo from inside O'Sheas Casino, looking in the direction of Caesars Palace across Las Vegas Boulevard.  It was shortly before noon on 30 April 2012; less than an hour before the closing of O'Sheas Casino.  Television camera crews are outside the casino with their cameras pointing in to film the crowd as they exit the casino, never to return their again.

Many more posts are on this site covering the closing of O'Sheas Casino.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Holy Cow Casino Demolition - Las Vegas Strip

The old Holy Cow Casino and Brewery in Las Vegas has been demolished.  The top photo is the last photo I took of the vacant building on the northeast corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Sahara; it's the black building in the distance.

A  little while after the Holy Cow closed in 2002, it served as a sales office for Ivana.  That was when the building was painted black with pink.

Ivana Trump had a billboard near the Stardust sports book side, and was going to build a 70 something story building on that tiny parcel.  It didn't happen.

That building, with it's black and pink, was the last remaining visible reminder of the Ivana project.

Before it was the Holy Cow Casino and Brewery, it was Foxy's Firehouse Casino.  It looked it's best during that phase.  I do not have any photos of it from then, but have seen photos online.  At that time the building was red and orange, and looked okay for that type of place.

The address of the now demolished building is 2423 Las Vegas Blvd South.

Caesars Palace Brahma Shrine - Oranges And Elephants