Friday, August 31, 2007

Diablo's Cantina Opens 15 September 2007

After work, I saw that Diablo's Cantina had put their sexy she-devil on the top of the restaurant. I stopped and took photos. Then when I got home, I found that I had received a press release and photo from the Light Group.

This blog is normally (always!) me and my camera. But I am going to make an exception in this case because I like what I have seen and read of Diablo's, and am looking forward to going there.

So the photo which accompanies this post was not taken by me. It is courtesy of the Light Group. Also, I am uploading it in larger than normal size, so if this works out, you will be able to click on it to get the larger shot.

Information which I have seen indicates that once Diablo's Cantina opens at The Monte Carlo, reservations will be recommended and proper attire will be required. Please keep that in mind when planning your visit.

Later today, probably tomorrow, I may post more on Diablo's. I've got other stuff too; I am backlogged and getting burned on time.

The press release which is well worth reading follows, (thank you Alex).


Diablo’s Cantina Adds a Sinful New Landmark on Las Vegas Strip


20’ She-Devil Erected Atop Two-Story Restaurant


Las Vegas – After a ride down Las Vegas Boulevard on the back of a flatbed trailer, the Diablo’s Cantina She-Devil – the symbol of the restaurant’s sinful atmosphere – was hoisted via crane to the top of the two-story restaurant. Sin City’s newest landmark, a 20-foot devilish vixen clad in thigh-high black patent leather boots, a Brazilian-cut bikini bottom and demi-bra, and holding the devil’s trademark pitchfork, now towers over the famed Las Vegas Strip. The full figured three-dimensional she-devil is set amidst a one-of-a-kind 63-foot long “Diablo’s Cantina” animated LED uplighting system which will simulate roaring flames. The sizzling hot statue will be a symbol of Diablo’s festive party spirit where “sinners are welcome.” Diablo’s is the Light Group’s newest restaurant venture opening September 15.


About Diablo’s Cantina:

Centrally located on Las Vegas Boulevard at Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, Diablo’s Cantina is a 13,000-square-foot multi-level entertainment complex serving “cross-the-border” Mexican, Southwest and American cuisine. Its open-air design provides an inviting and high-energy environment to help set a festive tone, combining all the fanfare and charm of a Mexican coastal cantina with the excitement and vibe of a lively “people-watching” hot spot. Mixing “Old World” style with modern technology, Diablo’s décor features vibrant colors with rustic tile and furniture as well as 10 large plasma screens throughout for sports and entertainment viewing.

An extensive menu of luscious libations, including specialty margaritas, mojitos, sangrias and a variety of rare and exotic tequilas served by a staff of sultry señoritas adds a touch of spice and excitement while roaming tequila vixens will get the party started.


# # #
Photo: Diablo’s Cantina She-Devil hoisted across LV Boulevard right before she is mounted -
Courtesy of the Light Group

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Diablos Cantina - Lights On But Nobodys Home...Yet

Diablos Cantina is almost open. Some neon signs are up and turned on. The main Diablos sign has not yet been installed. Here is a quick look at the state of Diablos Cantina from Wednesday night 29 August 2007. More to come later today or early tomorrow.
Diablos Cantina will open soon, at the south end of The Monte Carlo, where the south steps used to be, on Las Vegas Boulevard. And yes, the north steps still exist!
Sultry senoritas. Roaming tequilla vixens. -- Two lines from one of the greatest press releases ever.

Frontier - Fire

Television news reported that there was a fire at The Frontier on Wednesday during daylight hours. Information was brief, but apparently debris outside the building caught fire and the building was on fire as well. The sprinkler system apparently still works; I wonder if that was the first time it has been activated in a fire.

I do not have pictures, but no doubt some will surface as the news had video.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Frontier Las Vegas - Mattresses And Windows

It is as if The Frontier was turned into an internment camp, and a riot ensued. Fenced in. Some windows out, others broken. Mattresses piled high around the perimeter. Chairs and other vaguely discernable pieces of furniture scattered about. Carpeting ripped up and piled with other trash on the ground of what was the vicinity of the main entrance valet area.

Frontier - Demolition By Clauss Construction

The demolition signs are up at The Frontier. I don't know the actual date for the implosion. My guess is that Clauss does not know it yet either.
This is a different company than was used for The Stardust; (Controlled Demolition Of Baltimore was used for The Stardust).
Clauss has a website:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Las Vegas Fix Shot 1 - LVB At Sahara

Introducing a new feature for this blog. Las Vegas Fix Shot

Very brief posts, that will provide a FIX for those who are in between trips to Las Vegas.

This shot is of the northwest corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara; (Bonanza Gift Shop area). It was taken 5:04 pm (1704 hours pacific) Monday 27 August 2007.

It is an imperfect shot of an imperfect corner. But if you miss Las Vegas, I think that you might appreciate it in some sense, especially with knowing precisely when it was taken.

Palazzo Las Vegas - Opens 2008

Palazzo, the Las Vegas hotel casino which is going up right next to The Venetian, has just been reported by channel 3 news as opening in 2008.

Previously I heard an opening date of 20 December 2007 for Palazzo. On a recent podcast expressed doubt that The Venetian would open this year.

Shortly after noon today, Las Vegas news on channel 3, did a short piece on the opening of the largest casino in the world, a version of The Venetian located in Macau. That was followed by text on the screen that Palazzo (Las Vegas) opens in 2008.

Here is a view of The Palazzo in Las Vegas, as it looked yesterday Monday 27 August 2007.

The Frontier - Haunted Appearance

At night, the north side of The Frontier has a haunted appearance. I know people who will say that The Frontier always had a haunted appearance. But now, the fence, and the lights all off on the north side, the garbage and the empty parking lot, makes it appear haunted even more.

The rest of The Frontier is being treated as a garbage building. Again, I know people who...

Mattresses and carpets are being thrown in heaping piles on the front and south sides.

Photos and more details to come in another post.

Las Vegas - Question And Answer - Frontier And Western


The Frontier and The Western.


What two Las Vegas hotel casinos have made an odd declaration on their signs, that their self parking is free?


Note - The Frontier, up to a few years ago had Free Parking written on their giant arrow sign. Then for some reason, they blacked out the words Free Parking. They just blacked it out.

The only other place where I am aware of such blacking out on signs is the now defunct Golden Palm hotel at Industrial and Tropicana. When they switched from being a casino hotel, to simply a hotel, they sent someone out with a magic marker to black out the word Casino.

Screw The Lunar Eclipse From Las Vegas

I am unsatisfied with the photos I took of the lunar eclipse, so I'm not posting any. It's not like you haven't seen the moon yourself anyway.

Now if one day I happen to get some photos of Las Vegas taken from the moon, then I will definitely post those, even if the quality is a little off.

Back to the streets of Las Vegas.

Lunar Eclipse In Las Vegas

Complete and clear visibility from Las Vegas of a total lunar eclipse is underway right now. RoyVegas will return with photos of an eclipse of the moon as seen from Las Vegas.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Wynn Las Vegas - Blush NightClub

Blush Boutique NightClub

Opening Labor Day Weekend at Wynn, Las Vegas.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Luxor Las Vegas - Ad On Building

The Luxor is getting a giant ad for Absolut installed on the Las Vegas Boulevard side of the pyramid. When looking at the building in person, it is very easy to not see the workers who are on the face of the pyramid, doing the installation.

I think that this is the first giant ad The Luxor has had since the NBA All Star game week, which everyone has spoken of so highly. There was some telephone related ad on The Luxor at that time.

If taken to an extreme, I suppose that this ad could help you forget the last one.

(Maybe this blog post could help you forget the last one.)

Luxor Hotel Haunted House Analogy

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Spinning Red Shoe Of Las Vegas

The official name is Ruby Slipper. How many slippers have high heels and over the ankle straps?

The red shoe which is located between the El Cortez and Mamacita's Cuban Mexican Restaurant on Fremont Street spins. Quickly. Ten seconds for a revolution might not seem too fast, but as I stood in the street clocking the revolutions of the red shoe, the speed seemed overly quick for the "feel" of the environment.

Maybe the designers of the Fremont East District are psychologically trying to influence people to hurry up as they cross the street, as the shoe is also at a midstreet pedestrian crosswalk.

Lights On At Fremont East District - Las Vegas

The lights have been turned on at Fremont East District, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On Friday night 24 August 2007 Fremont Street east of Las Vegas Boulevard was closed off to vehicular traffic, to allow a street celebration.

More complete coverage, including a couple of smart remarks I have in mind, and photos (of course) are forthcoming. But first, I think, I will sleep.

[How long will it be before someone complains that Las Vegas has a neon martini glass in the middle of a road?]

[When is the last time that you saw someone walking down Fremont Street with a martini glass instead of a 40 ounce bottle? Did anyone consider a neon forty?]

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fremont East District Opens Tonight - Las Vegas

This evening, a renovated section of Fremont Street will have a ceremony and music to celebrate the opening of Fremont East District. (Other sections of Fremont Street will simply have music to celebrate people getting drunk as usual.)

At 7:00 pm tonight Friday 24 August 2007 there will be a ceremony at Fremont East District.

At 7:45 pm (I believe) the power will be turned on to the few bits of neon and signs in this particular segment of Fremont Street.

At 8:00 pm the regular hourly Fremont Street Experience shows begin; a block or two away of course.

It remains to be seen what will really develop of this small area. I suppose that in time it will do well as there are residential buildings going up in the area.

The Western Hotel and Casino, (which I think is now only a casino) is a little beyond the east end of Fremont East District. The tourists I have seen venturing on this block tend to turn around using the El Cortez as their safety limit.

A lot of stores on this block are closed but not yet redeveloped. It is actually a fine time to check out the block and photograph the remains of old Las Vegas stores.

On the west end of Fremont East District, one can still see the 7 from what was a neon 7-11. Big deal I know.

There are also old closed discount and souvenir stores. Their signs remain, and are interesting to see. In a way it is unfortunate that these stores did not remain open to be a part of tonight's festivities.

Have fun in Las Vegas and turn your flash off.

[Also see my earlier post about Fremont East District at
which was posted on Tuesday 21 August 2007.]

Las Vegas - Answer To What Is This #1

Congratulations to Mike P, winner of the first, and possibly only RoyVegas What Is This Las Vegas photo trivia question. Mike won with his succinct and correct answer "Lady Luck!"

The place has a classic name, and the street level neon was nice. Lady Luck used to run ads in Las Vegas Style magazine which I do not think is around anymore. The ads boasted of their personal service, and how they would even place a newspaper in front of your door (I think they offered USA Today, and maybe the NY Times).

Perhaps those ads did not generate the expected revenue.

In theory though, I do like the idea of a higher level of personal service.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Las Vegas - What Is This #1?

Okay Las Vegas buffs. I know the answer. Maybe you do as well. Take a look at the photo. What is this?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Las Vegas - White Cross Drugs - Fountain Grill

When the street looks good enough to go there, the drug store with a counter and grill may no longer exist.

White Cross Drugs is on Las Vegas Boulevard, a little north of The Stratosphere. It is an old place, and some of the neighboring streets are desolate; either industrial or defunct. (Go in the daytime.)

One thing, maybe the only thing, that makes White Cross Drugs special, is that it is a drug store with a 5 and 10 style counter and grill at which to eat.

The store itself has a somewhat colder, emptier, feel than one might expect from the outside. It sort of looks as if it might be the type of independent store which carries everything. Let me clue you in -- it's not.

Right next to White Cross, is Myers Market, which has been closed for some time. Nearby, some businesses have been closed and razed, I believe via eminent domain. As well, some old motels have closed in the area.

Lana Fuchs fashion, (not shown in these photos) is on the very next block from White Cross, on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The area is changing, and White Cross is the type of place which smiling faced crackpots in the main stream media tend to report as a human interest story the day after it closes.

The point is that when this place eventually closes, or just closes it's soda fountain with counter, the odds that you will receive satisfactory advance notice so that you can go check it out, are too small. It's not a beautiful place, but it is vinatage, and a 5 minute visit, can satisfy a lifetime of wondering.

I suggest that this is your advance notice. Better a year too early than a day too late.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fremont East District - Las Vegas

Fremont East District is a section of Fremont Street in the vicinity of The El Cortez Hotel and Casino. It is about a block away from the east end (Fitzgerald's, Walgreens, Neonopolis, etc.) of The Fremont Street Experience.

The area has been run down for a long time, but is being cleaned up and brightened. Old time stores have closed. The road and sidewalks have been redone. Street signs are new, unique, and blue.

Las Vegas retro style signs have been placed on poles in the center of Fremont Street. Ground level pedestrian crossings have been added.

The power has not yet been turned on, so the signs remain dark. I have read, but not confirmed that the power will be turned on this Friday, the 24th of August 2007, after a ceremony.

If there is such a ceremony I do not expect to attend.

But I was there recently photographing the area in it's pre-official opened state.

The El Cortez is in the right place at the right time. Residential buildings are going up in the area. The street is losing it's vintageness but the money will flow.

Even once the area is officially turned on, there will still not be too much going on for a while. If you are there in the near future, you will be able to see some of the remainders of how the street used to be - some of the old storefronts and such. It is going away quickly though.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Planet Hollywood - Las Vegas - Sign Is Up

Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has finally put up it's sign on the two popscicle sticks. (I think the sign was put up 3 days ago.) It is not lit yet.

It is now more easy to see what the finished look of PH will be. I suppose that the many round things will light or reflect light.

The difference between the appearance of the new metallic front, and the stonish building above it is particularly odd. If kept like that, (the old and the new) I will always see the front as an odd misfit on The Strip.

By my own unprofessional judgement, I will guess that Planet Hollywood will be completed in 6 weeks (by 1 October 2007).

By the way, where have I seen that sign before?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Las Vegas - Luxor - High Expectations

The non-Egyptian Luxor is hip and cool.

Right now they are advertising:
  1. Pharaoh's Pheast Buffet - Children 3 and younger eat free.

  2. Ronn Lucas - a ventriloquist.

  3. Britney Spears opening LAX nightclub.

LAX nightclub at The Luxor may well become a hot spot. And Britney Spears seems to be a good choice to open such a club.

The other two items strike me as being incongruous with the Luxor's plans to become an upper level adult place, without a theme.

Maybe I am expecting too much too soon.

Or maybe I am just expecting too much.

Las Vegas - Congratulations

A classic thing to do in Las Vegas. Get married and get your picture taken at the sign.

It is worth mentioning that since the "Welcome" sign is going to get a small parking lot, and perhaps other changes, it might be worth a visit, or passing photograph, to capture the spot in it's present state.

Or for the less adventurous, you can just visit this blog.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Las Vegas - Frontier Snack Bar

The snack bar in The Frontier as seen on closing night. I get a kick that the tip jar was actually a pail. Still though, they wrote Tip Jar on it, instead of simply Tips.

This snack bar, like the one at The Stardust was next to the sports book. However The Stardust snack bar closed at 8:30 PM, and the one at The Frontier was open 24 hours.