Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Las Vegas Frontier - Closed And Fenced

Once again, The Frontier is surrounded by a fence; only this time the gates are closed and "No Trespassing" signs are up. The doors are taped shut with yellow caution tape. Except for a few employee vehicles, the lots are empty.

The neon is still going. The music is still playing in the valet parking area. Inside, some machines, and some signs are still lit. All of this can be observed from the sidewalk, where a fence separates pedestrians from Phil Ruffin's paycheck.

More interesting stuff from inside The Frontier on closing night is still to come in this special series. The best is yet to come.


Bill Harris said...

Great Stuff Roy!

I appreciate your coverage of this event and all stuff Vegas.

FYI - The folks @ Five Hundy by Midnight included you in their podcast this week. I love those guys!


SRW said...

Thank you very much JM. I am glad to hear that my blog is reaching an appreciative audience.

I did hear the kind words of my Frontier coverage in the opening minutes of FHBM 127, and I was real happy to hear it. With an opening plug like that, I can't possibly let anyone down on my coverage. That is prime real estate.

During the final two hours of The Frontier being open, I called the FHBM line and reported on the activities. As well I have called in and played the midnight closing alarms and sounds, from my footage which I am still going through. Perhaps some of that on-the-scene audio will wind up on an upcoming FHBM.

For those of you who are not already listeners, go to FiveHundyByMidnight.com

Thank you again JM

Sigma Derby Fan said...
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Sigma Derby Fan said...

You are doing a wonderful job documenting the final night of the New Frontier. I was there for a few hours playing Sigma Derby. Like you I also called FHBM and gave them a live update of the final night from the Sigma Derby game.

After the last of my horses finished out of the money I wandered over to watch and listen to Dry Martini. I missed the performance of Norm Kaye but through your blog I get a bit of the experience and for that I say thank you.

christopher said...

yeah man.. always kind of makes me feel sappy and sentimental about these old places.. I hate to see 'em go. I mean, where else on the Strip are we gonna find mud wrestling dubbed Cold Beer / Dirty Girls?? hehehe We gotta meet up for a drink sometime, man.

-=- christopher

my Las Vegas blog

SRW said...

Thank you Sigma Derby Fan. About Norm Kaye, he was very quiet, very low.

At first the band seemed quieter to help him be heard. Then for the second song (he did two) the band seemed intentionally louder; perhaps to help make it less obvious that he was singing so quietly.

His confidence was noticeably increased during his second song. The crowd loved him.

SRW said...

Christopher, Cold Beer / Dirty Girls is one of the great marketing ideas of all time.

Better than Set It And Forget It.

The Frontier might have been the best place to hang. Where is the next place on the strip to acquire the spillover?

I know that Gilleys is looking for a stand alone location, but that strikes me as too dangerous. They might remember the faces I made at them from Sigma Derby.