Monday, February 20, 2012

Las Vegas - A Photo - Some Rambling

Looking north with the back side Riviera sign, followed by Turnberry Towers, the closed defunct Sahara, and finally the Stratosphere.

The former Las Vegas Hilton which has recently been renamed the Las Vegas Hotel, (which one? the Las Vegas Hotel, which Las Vegas hotel?  The Las Vegas Hotel.  Huh?  Oh I know, we'll call it the LVH, catchy huh?) is not visible in this photo but is located on the right, more or less in line with the Riviera sign.

I happen to like the Riviera sign as it is old and nostalgic.  It has letters like an old movie theater.

(I know that someone reading this has just shouted out - it stinks like an old movie theater too.)  That would be classic fivehundy.

Also not in view in this photo, but right there, is the Las Vegas monorail which runs on the right side of this photo until it's terminus at Sahara.

Out of sight.  Out of mind.

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