Thursday, August 2, 2007

Las Vegas - The State Of The Strip

Except for The Frontier the state of The Strip hasn't changed much recently.

Palazzo continues its sluggish giant construction. The interior of the main entrance (center steps) on the Las Vegas Boulevard side is taking on an increasingly finished appearance.

The front of Planet Hollywood is still being renovated. Still!

Project City Center is getting bigger and denser at the same impressively quick rate of construction which has been observed.

Echelon Place (former Stardust) is having dirt trucked out constantly. And I do mean constantly. Rig after rig of dirt is removed. I expect that the Echelon Place project will be run very competently, and am looking forward to seeing the development once the construction is fully underway.

There is a construction project across Las Vegas Boulevard from Circus Circus. Some of that land used to be The Algiers. The corner had a small wedding church. Construction there is getting very visible and quick. I have it photographed at different stages, including when it was The Algiers. I think that it is a condo project, but I am not sure.

The McDonalds which is located on The Strip just north of what was The Stardust sports book has not made any move to become a two story McDonalds. They have had a sign out front for a while explaining that they will become a two floor structure. I wonder if Boyd will buy it.

At night, when going south on The Strip, there have been lane closures south of Flamingo. Traffic appeared to get real thick at that point so I have bailed out on Flamingo. I don't know what is going on there.

I have pictures and other stuff. A back log of stuff. Time. I need time. -- As time goes on and I put off posting something, it winds up in the RoyVegas archives, perhaps never to be seen again. Or at least not easily found on demand.

I just remembered something. This won't mean anything to you unless you have been to Las Vegas. What is that ridiculous music they keep playing at the front of The Fashion Show Mall? It's like a reggae carnival thing being played on a battery operated organ or something. Then they break out of the clip and go back to the more upbeat IPOD music while the IPOD characters dance on the screens above.

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