Monday, August 20, 2007

Planet Hollywood - Las Vegas - Sign Is Up

Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has finally put up it's sign on the two popscicle sticks. (I think the sign was put up 3 days ago.) It is not lit yet.

It is now more easy to see what the finished look of PH will be. I suppose that the many round things will light or reflect light.

The difference between the appearance of the new metallic front, and the stonish building above it is particularly odd. If kept like that, (the old and the new) I will always see the front as an odd misfit on The Strip.

By my own unprofessional judgement, I will guess that Planet Hollywood will be completed in 6 weeks (by 1 October 2007).

By the way, where have I seen that sign before?


MyNetwork said...

Hi Roy
I don't know about this casino. I bet that more than 50% of the people thinks that this casino is from Planet Hollywood (restaurants) and is strange that they chose this name knowing that is world wide famous because of the restaurant
More strange is that teh restaurant let this casino to have the same name.
And this theme, Hollywood... i don't know. Or they will spend a LOT OF MONEY to have us at a really new casino, or they want that we believe that they changed just making a facelift. or worst, they just want tourists staying at the PH because of low fairs.

SRW said...

They share the same name because they are the same company.

MyNetwork said...

oh really? i read at some places that this casino is not from the restaurants... maybe is a holding with the name, but is strange that has the name but not the restaurant, even the logo is different. but if is from the same company makes sense to me... sort of...
i saw at Fox News that hooters casino had delayed to be sold. Do you like the Hooters? I never entered at this casino, even when i stay at Travelodge, near from Hooters
Thank you Roy! Enjoy Vegas for me

SRW said...

Check out:

It is clear that it is them.
They do sound a little early or out of touch with their statement of, "...positioning Planet Hollywood as the premier entertainment authority and destination."

After all, is the premier entertainment authority.
I do not think that the Planet Hollywood hotel and casino has a Planet Hollywood restaurant in it. Perhaps that is the oddity which you have come across