Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Las Vegas - White Cross Drugs - Fountain Grill

When the street looks good enough to go there, the drug store with a counter and grill may no longer exist.

White Cross Drugs is on Las Vegas Boulevard, a little north of The Stratosphere. It is an old place, and some of the neighboring streets are desolate; either industrial or defunct. (Go in the daytime.)

One thing, maybe the only thing, that makes White Cross Drugs special, is that it is a drug store with a 5 and 10 style counter and grill at which to eat.

The store itself has a somewhat colder, emptier, feel than one might expect from the outside. It sort of looks as if it might be the type of independent store which carries everything. Let me clue you in -- it's not.

Right next to White Cross, is Myers Market, which has been closed for some time. Nearby, some businesses have been closed and razed, I believe via eminent domain. As well, some old motels have closed in the area.

Lana Fuchs fashion, (not shown in these photos) is on the very next block from White Cross, on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The area is changing, and White Cross is the type of place which smiling faced crackpots in the main stream media tend to report as a human interest story the day after it closes.

The point is that when this place eventually closes, or just closes it's soda fountain with counter, the odds that you will receive satisfactory advance notice so that you can go check it out, are too small. It's not a beautiful place, but it is vinatage, and a 5 minute visit, can satisfy a lifetime of wondering.

I suggest that this is your advance notice. Better a year too early than a day too late.


Ralph said...

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Roy said...

I saw all the traffic I am getting to this particular, yet old, post.

Then I just learned from Rex that White Cross is closing.


I will be doing an extensive post on White Cross Drugs in the next few days, including video and photos.


Roy said...

Roy said...