Friday, August 31, 2007

Diablo's Cantina Opens 15 September 2007

After work, I saw that Diablo's Cantina had put their sexy she-devil on the top of the restaurant. I stopped and took photos. Then when I got home, I found that I had received a press release and photo from the Light Group.

This blog is normally (always!) me and my camera. But I am going to make an exception in this case because I like what I have seen and read of Diablo's, and am looking forward to going there.

So the photo which accompanies this post was not taken by me. It is courtesy of the Light Group. Also, I am uploading it in larger than normal size, so if this works out, you will be able to click on it to get the larger shot.

Information which I have seen indicates that once Diablo's Cantina opens at The Monte Carlo, reservations will be recommended and proper attire will be required. Please keep that in mind when planning your visit.

Later today, probably tomorrow, I may post more on Diablo's. I've got other stuff too; I am backlogged and getting burned on time.

The press release which is well worth reading follows, (thank you Alex).


Diablo’s Cantina Adds a Sinful New Landmark on Las Vegas Strip


20’ She-Devil Erected Atop Two-Story Restaurant


Las Vegas – After a ride down Las Vegas Boulevard on the back of a flatbed trailer, the Diablo’s Cantina She-Devil – the symbol of the restaurant’s sinful atmosphere – was hoisted via crane to the top of the two-story restaurant. Sin City’s newest landmark, a 20-foot devilish vixen clad in thigh-high black patent leather boots, a Brazilian-cut bikini bottom and demi-bra, and holding the devil’s trademark pitchfork, now towers over the famed Las Vegas Strip. The full figured three-dimensional she-devil is set amidst a one-of-a-kind 63-foot long “Diablo’s Cantina” animated LED uplighting system which will simulate roaring flames. The sizzling hot statue will be a symbol of Diablo’s festive party spirit where “sinners are welcome.” Diablo’s is the Light Group’s newest restaurant venture opening September 15.


About Diablo’s Cantina:

Centrally located on Las Vegas Boulevard at Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, Diablo’s Cantina is a 13,000-square-foot multi-level entertainment complex serving “cross-the-border” Mexican, Southwest and American cuisine. Its open-air design provides an inviting and high-energy environment to help set a festive tone, combining all the fanfare and charm of a Mexican coastal cantina with the excitement and vibe of a lively “people-watching” hot spot. Mixing “Old World” style with modern technology, Diablo’s décor features vibrant colors with rustic tile and furniture as well as 10 large plasma screens throughout for sports and entertainment viewing.

An extensive menu of luscious libations, including specialty margaritas, mojitos, sangrias and a variety of rare and exotic tequilas served by a staff of sultry señoritas adds a touch of spice and excitement while roaming tequila vixens will get the party started.


# # #
Photo: Diablo’s Cantina She-Devil hoisted across LV Boulevard right before she is mounted -
Courtesy of the Light Group


MyNetwork said...


SRW said...

I don't have such a post on the burner. Diablo's Cantina, however, is a different story. D minus 13 and counting!!!!!!

MyNetwork said...

she devil!

i was watching fox 5 news i think a day after they raised the "Diabla" and the presenters said - this devil does not make to want to the cantina, it's too hot for me...

thay are joking, but i don't know roy, i think this cantina SO over to the Strip, the decor and the building, if you see all the Strip right now, it's like if they were returning to the old vegas, with neon and weird things to call the costumers...

Do you really think that this cantina will last for a long time?

If this restaurant was at the New York New York i could understand the building, but at Monte Carlo?

My bets is that this restaurant will gone when City Center arrives... because the future buildings are so high end, and this restaurant so weird... to me this devil upside remembers the freaky clown from Boardwalk, that i hated it!

Thank you Roy! The posts from the devil are great
I loved the photo when she has no lights and after. It's very artistic! Congratulations!

SRW said...

I certainly hope that The Strip gets some more neon, as right now there is much more at Fremont Street. There are a lot of giant television screens on The Strip, but not too much neon. One of the buildings at Echelon Place will have a modern neon resemblance to The Stardust. I am looking forward to seeing that.

I think that Diablos Cantina (in the structure which has been built) will last as long as The Monte Carlo lasts. Even though the Monte Carlo opened in 1996, I would not be surprised to see it taken down in a few years.

Diablo's is apparently going to be run well. They will create an incredible desire to eat and drink there. As well, they will enforce a dress code, thus eliminating much walk-by riffraff. As long as they can sustain the demand, (and I believe that they can) they seem to be positioned to run an incredibly fun place.

Diablo's doesn't strike me as weird, it strikes me as sexy. The building design is brilliant. Though close to the street action, it is secured from the street action. As well, Diablo's has an internal hallway which leads into the Monte Carlo. The structural theme is maintained in the hallway.

Reservations are being recommended, and that is a good sign.

Project City Center, The Monte Carlo, NYNY, (and many others) are all being run by MGM Mirage, so it is not as if the future of the area is unplanned. If Diablo's (and The Monte Carlo) get taken down for something new in a few years, the profit will still have been made. And if Diablo's is really good, then the memories will have been made as well.

As for The Boardwalk - well the clown was representative of Coney Island in Brooklyn. I have been there, and the clown was not nearly as freaky as the loons on the F-train.

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