Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Frontier Las Vegas - Mattresses And Windows

It is as if The Frontier was turned into an internment camp, and a riot ensued. Fenced in. Some windows out, others broken. Mattresses piled high around the perimeter. Chairs and other vaguely discernable pieces of furniture scattered about. Carpeting ripped up and piled with other trash on the ground of what was the vicinity of the main entrance valet area.


MyNetwork said...

hi Roy
Reading what you said about this casino, i think that some casinos close in a beautiful way like the Stardust because they had a beautiful life. And this casino has an end like had your life, not good. Is awful to see all these things throw away like garbage inside the casino.

SRW said...

You are right.

The Stardust was handled impressively, and perhaps to some degree that is because of the sense of continuity; Boyd.

The Frontier seems to have been something for Ruffin to hold and sell, but not run. There is no continuity.