Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Las Vegas - Commercial Filmed On Fremont Street

Monday night 13 August 2007, (and into the early hours of Tuesday) a commercial for McDonalds was filmed on Fremont Street. It was largely being filmed in the common area between The Fremont and The 4 Queens.

While I did not see any hamburgers, there were many beautiful girls dressed very well, as the theme of the commercial was The Latin Grammy's.

One of the scenes showed an old station wagon parked in front of limousines, presumably at the red carpet area of The Latin Grammy's. A man pounds on the station wagon demanding that the driver get the vehicle out of there.

It appears that the production was being done by Letca Films.

Very short scenes were filmed many times in a row. Makeup artists who had an incredible amount of cosmetics on utility belts were constantly attending to the actresses.

At one point, an employee of the McDonalds located nearby in Fitzgeralds came over to observe the filming. He was the only person there who looked out of place.

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