Monday, August 6, 2007

Las Vegas - Crosswalk Challenged

On Tuesday 5 June 2007 I did a post [Las Vegas - Don't Do This] which showed a group who decided to use the closed ground level crosswalk, instead of the bridge, between Treasure Island and The Fashion Show Mall.

A week later, on the 12th I was at the same intersection when the same decision had to be made. Use the escalator and pedestrian bridge, or hop a wall and dodge traffic.

These two went over the wall and ventured out a little before deciding that the idea was not that good after all. So they turned around, climbed back over the wall, and used the pedestrian bridge.

Although it is good that I got to use some photos from my archives, it is ridiculous that anyone would consider doing such a dingbatted action as being a target for traffic which does not expect a pedestrian to be in the gutter.

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