Saturday, August 18, 2007

Las Vegas - Luxor - High Expectations

The non-Egyptian Luxor is hip and cool.

Right now they are advertising:
  1. Pharaoh's Pheast Buffet - Children 3 and younger eat free.

  2. Ronn Lucas - a ventriloquist.

  3. Britney Spears opening LAX nightclub.

LAX nightclub at The Luxor may well become a hot spot. And Britney Spears seems to be a good choice to open such a club.

The other two items strike me as being incongruous with the Luxor's plans to become an upper level adult place, without a theme.

Maybe I am expecting too much too soon.

Or maybe I am just expecting too much.


Alex said...

hello Roy. Well, about the Pharao's Feast, i simply love this buffet. Even if Luxor will change a little beat his theme, they cant take the piramid or the obelisk... so they must keep some egyptian things, and this buffet is awesome! great food and good prices. and we cant forget that las vegas is made to make money so, if you take your children and eat free, they will go to the Luxor
Have a great weekend!

Nick said...

The buffet has a great price, but I was not real happy last year with their buffet, they seemed to turn it around recently.

I have seen the Ronn Lucas show 3+ times, due to being a tour guide when he was at the Rio, I also have seen him on TV way back when but that is a different story. Ronn was pretty funny and the admission price at the Rio was next to nothing with the purchase of a drink.

I have yet to see Mac King, one of these days!