Thursday, August 9, 2007

We Have 23 Years Left On Our Lease

Located where the Las Vegas Monorail crosses Flamingo, the Stage Door Casino has 23 years left on it's lease, and is here to serve you!

As far as a tourist perception of Las Vegas goes, the Stage Door would probably be considered an enhanced bar. There are a few machines, and an attached convenience store.

I have wondered if their sign about the lease is meant to attract business, or to motivate the right person.

Will we have to wait until 2030 to find out?


Unknown said...

Here's the story on the Stage Door signs.

SRW said...

Thank you. That was a really good article.

ericnie said...

I went to this place last time I was in vegas.It was the first time I was there and wondered if it might not be around long.I hope it is because I think it is a nice laid back place to grab a beer.I like battistas to!

SRW said...

It is odd that such a laid back, small place is so close to the strip. (Right under the monorail). In that sense it is particularly special.