Friday, August 10, 2007

Diablo's Cantina - Opens Next Month

Here is a brief look at the very recent state of Diablo's Cantina.

The south end of The Monte Carlo has been changed from a picturesque staircase into Diablo's Cantina which opens September 2007.

Diablo's Cantina will have sultry senoritas and roaming tequilla vixens.

They were running a website which had some info, but now that website refers to the parent company of Diablo's, so I am not presenting that link.

Here is a link to the Diablo's page at The Monte Carlo's site:

From what I have read and seen of this place, it looks like it will be rather cool (hot).

The Monte Carlo - Diablo's Cantina in the front, McDonalds in the back, no self parking garage at the present moment.

Perhaps Diablo's will be the beginning of a good turn of decisions for The Monte Carlo.


Michelle said...

I can't wait to check this place out. From what I've seen of the menu, I think the place will do well. With the tequila selection and the open air patio, it will easily attract those walking around at night.

Roy said...

Like Me!

Alex said...

I didn't liked that they changed all the front of Monte Carlo to put a restaurant. I don't like to go to this casino because has no meaning to go there if you not play or see the lance burton show. it's a boring casino. and for me, changing like this is a cry for help... PLEASE COME HERE- i didn't like it at all