Thursday, August 23, 2007

Las Vegas - What Is This #1?

Okay Las Vegas buffs. I know the answer. Maybe you do as well. Take a look at the photo. What is this?


Anonymous said...

I'll guess it's a little used entrance to the Sands convention center.

SRW said...

Looking at the photo, I see that that that guess is actually excellent. However, it is not in any way the Sands Convention Center.

I will add that it is also not the Venetian, nor Palazzo; thus eliminating that entire group from the range of possibilities considered.

The photo is very recent. I took it during the last few days.

Official answer, and more regular post to come early tomorrow.

Mike Prescott said...

Lady Luck!

BigRedDogATL said...

I bet it is either the closed sales center building for the Ivana Condo Tower or the building that used to house a great bar and small casino.

SRW said...

Mike got it. Lady Luck!