Friday, August 24, 2007

Fremont East District Opens Tonight - Las Vegas

This evening, a renovated section of Fremont Street will have a ceremony and music to celebrate the opening of Fremont East District. (Other sections of Fremont Street will simply have music to celebrate people getting drunk as usual.)

At 7:00 pm tonight Friday 24 August 2007 there will be a ceremony at Fremont East District.

At 7:45 pm (I believe) the power will be turned on to the few bits of neon and signs in this particular segment of Fremont Street.

At 8:00 pm the regular hourly Fremont Street Experience shows begin; a block or two away of course.

It remains to be seen what will really develop of this small area. I suppose that in time it will do well as there are residential buildings going up in the area.

The Western Hotel and Casino, (which I think is now only a casino) is a little beyond the east end of Fremont East District. The tourists I have seen venturing on this block tend to turn around using the El Cortez as their safety limit.

A lot of stores on this block are closed but not yet redeveloped. It is actually a fine time to check out the block and photograph the remains of old Las Vegas stores.

On the west end of Fremont East District, one can still see the 7 from what was a neon 7-11. Big deal I know.

There are also old closed discount and souvenir stores. Their signs remain, and are interesting to see. In a way it is unfortunate that these stores did not remain open to be a part of tonight's festivities.

Have fun in Las Vegas and turn your flash off.

[Also see my earlier post about Fremont East District at
which was posted on Tuesday 21 August 2007.]


Anonymous said...

It would take a lot of lights to get me to walk to the Western. Or a couple of 40s.

Roy said...

I felt a little (just a little) safe walking to The Western after midnight the night that Fremont East opened. That is because the police were busting some people across the street from The Western (I do intend on doing a post on this).