Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lights On At Fremont East District - Las Vegas

The lights have been turned on at Fremont East District, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On Friday night 24 August 2007 Fremont Street east of Las Vegas Boulevard was closed off to vehicular traffic, to allow a street celebration.

More complete coverage, including a couple of smart remarks I have in mind, and photos (of course) are forthcoming. But first, I think, I will sleep.

[How long will it be before someone complains that Las Vegas has a neon martini glass in the middle of a road?]

[When is the last time that you saw someone walking down Fremont Street with a martini glass instead of a 40 ounce bottle? Did anyone consider a neon forty?]


Sigma Derby Fan said...

Neon 40 - great name for a band.

SRW said...

I want to be the band's official photographer.