Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Las Vegas - Excalibur - Dick's Last Resort

Excalibur has a new restaurant - Dick's Last Resort.

In order to promote the restaurant, the Merlin character which has been been visible for many years, has been removed or covered up with a character representing the restaurant.

Dick's Last Resort has:

  • Cheap Food

  • Cold Booze

  • Live Music

Dick's Last Resort does not have:

  • Mud Wrestling

More information can be found at:

1 comment:

Walter said...

Roy, did you happen to go in Dick's Last Resort? I got the impression it's a bit cheesy. Oh yeah, is Merlin back?

PS My girlfriend and I love your blog w/ all the photos, etc. I stumbled upon it last week while planning a trip. We are living in Paris and can't wait to re-visit our favorite vacation destination.