Thursday, June 7, 2007

Las Vegas - Don't Do This

As I mentioned a post or two ago, here is the expose on dangerous street running on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The intersection by Treasure Island and The Strip used to be crossed on ground level. You can see in picture #1 how a fence was installed where the curb is sloped, as that used to be a crosswalk. But no more. An escalator pedestrian bridge (off to the right) now provides safe crossing.

Unless of course it is not used.

This group took it upon themselves to run across Spring Mountain Road, at Las Vegas Boulevard, and hop the safety fence, instead of using the pedestrian bridge. At one point they were narrowly missed being struck by a taxi.

The readership of this blog is small enough that I do not wish to lose one potential reader. Please use the bridges where available, and use the proper crosswalks and green lights at all other locations.

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barefoot 303 said...

As an out of towner when i come to vegas, i really like the new ped. crossings, it give a great view of the street, and dumb asses like you saw.