Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Las Vegas 700 Million Dollar Sweet Dreams

Stardust Hotel & Casino on Las Vegas Blvd was closed and imploded to make way for Echelon, a casino with multiple hotels.   That site is a halted construction project.  A few partially built skeletons of buildings are there.

Some people complain about the site being an eyesore.  Really though it's no more of an eyesore than Wynn or Walgreens.

There was also a large residential complex on the southwest side of Stardust.  It was closed and knocked down, along with Stardust to make way for Echelon.  Residents moved.  Employees transferred or laid off I suppose.

Too bad it wasn't foreseen that construction would be halted indefinitely.  Could have kept Stardust and the apartments open another 10 years, perhaps longer.
A block north of Stardust/Echelon is another halted construction site on Las Vegas Blvd.  Fontainebleau.  The Algiers used to be there, along with a beautiful little white church.

Now that site is a 68 story, topped off but not completed, monstrosity.  Too big, not set back in a pleasing manner.  Maybe if it had been made as a 28 story building, it would be open for business right now.
Just north of Fontainebleau, also on Las Vegas Blvd,  is Sahara Hotel & Casino.  Sahara opened in 1952, and closed in 2011.

It may open again in a few years as an ultracool hotel & casino, after 700 million dollars or some such large amount is spent on fixing the place up.
Going the other way on Las Vegas Blvd, a block south of Stardust/Echelon, used to be the New Frontier Hotel & Casino.  It has been imploded to make way for something fantastic.  I think that it was going to be a hotel & casino themed after the Plaza in New York.  Right now it's nothing.
On Las Vegas Blvd across from Mandalay Bay a junky motel called Happi Inn was closed and knocked down.  A giant ferris wheel, Skyvue, is being built there.  Many have doubts that this project will be completed.  Thats okay, another ferris wheel is being built in the vicinity of Imperial Palace at Linq.
A few blocks south of Happi Inn/Skyvue on Las Vegas Blvd near the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas sign, there used to be a junkie motel and casino called Klondike.  It has been gone a few years.  Bulldozed away.  Nothing has replaced it even though the land is on Las Vegas Blvd right near the world famous Welcome sign.
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